VAMPYR – Combat Gameplay Trailer (New Horror RPG Game 2018)

VAMPYR New Gameplay Trailer (New Horror RPG Game 2018)

Release Date: June 5, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



Adam Clannfear says:

Muslim Protagonist yay!… No, thanks

Актан Сабыров says:

This game looks like a prototype

Cipher Croft says:

Not having a character creation makes me actively dislike this game. It’s upsetting to have a RPG with a protagonist that cannot be customized. (Never touched witcher cuz of that).
Not everyone can pull a nameless one like Chris Avelone did or a Raziel or Kain and… I’ll pass this beauty here, thanks, until the protagonist is recognized as a great character.

Scott Johnson says:

Kinda dumb

Gustav John Alvarez says:

I dont know about this im expecting more.

david lehan says:

Will wait to see reviews and price go to half in a month u watch
Like pray that’s a tenner now

Cristian Morales says:

Omg something different and the combat looks so much improved then what I saw long ago

Jaiden Atmysay says:

Ima wait on some steam reviews first but looks good

Stelios Kamakaris says:

It feels like a Witcher 3/Bloodborne/Legacy of Kain hybrid! I like it.

DickTeyder says:

this looks absolutely garbage

Jeffrey Redding says:

Finally this looks promising seems like they fixed it up some gameplay

Julian gamer says:

The order 1886

huntergetshonies large says:

I don’t get what you guys are talking about. I think the combat looks pretty entertaining. Brutal and magical

Amanda Anaya says:

Nice moves. Gameplay looks fun but I’d rather be a werewolf

Abdullah Alzamani says:

Is this a new add on for the witcher 3

Casper says:

When I play this game and when I kill a human I am gonna say this


Fabio Ryver says:

I expected… more. I don’t know, it looks good but I’m less hyped for this game than I used to be before watching this.

Brian Ogilby says:

Cant go wrong with a Vampire game. Cant wait to get this one!

Andrew Finley says:

I hope it’s not like blood bourne

Willstrong Novastar says:

they could have left the spit in the eye of god part out >< does look clunky would expect more since Devil may cry was smooth

Kuni s says:

Yeah combat system looks good

Mahdi Mosavi says:

The HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Domnick Hardin says:

2 days remaining guys

Raul De Jesus says:

All vampire games will always be MEH until we get another legacy of kain.

Raul Ortiz says:

The combat was suffering in the beginning, thank god they took in the criticism. You couldn’t even use you’re vampiric nails to fight! I have high hopes for this game.

richard kozak says:

Looks good as fuck don’t know what the idiots saying it looks bad are saying fr

Drangleic Lord says:

This game looks great. I hope we get to see a game like Vampire: The Masquerade in the future.

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