Vampyr: Combat Gameplay – Free Roam Hunting & Exploration – Gameplay #1

Welcome to Vampyr. I asked you guys if you’d like to see this on the channel & a lot of you said you would. Here is some early game gameplay for you. I’m not gonna lie it was a little more of a challenge getting some combat gameplay this early. There is a lot of dialog in this game, especially early game. I am enjoying this game myself. But I can’t recommend to everyone at this point. Look into the game a bunch and see if you’d enjoy it for yourself. Let me know if you want more in the future, I’ll most likely wait until late game when I’ve fully maxed out my character. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀


Dapple Dog says:

Oh my god, I love you! Thank you!

NinJaZ Creed says:

U make this game looks so badass please make more VAMPYR vids

Mootjer 1015 says:

Are you gonna try mesmerise everyone? I would like to see what happens if a district is in full chaos.

Nibir Beastmaster 64 says:

looks pretty dope man.

Xenophyter says:

How’re you liking it? I’m totally enamored myself. Also that weapon deals stun all on its own??? Wtf!

Privileged White Rabbit says:

I knew this game would look great once someone played it properly.

UbeR StealtH says:

Nice 1 bro love it i subbed

westsideAUKILANI says:

Any stealth kills?

video games 02 says:

Iscrivetevi al mio canale

lonewolf360 says:

Combat reminds me a bit of ac origins

Burak Coskun says:

Can u free roam?

2methylaminocyclohexan1 Tunnelvision says:

Looks like Bloodborne meets Dishonored. Definitely gonna check this game out, looking fresh


Swifty cool video,is that game cool ?

Rodhan Murphy says:

What are you running this on? Because my game is experiencing serious frame drops an i’m trying to fix it.

darkknight ninja1 says:

I wish there was more gore in this game

Alien 7-1947 says:

I think I’m going to get it

Alex says:

Wow this game is quite impressive! Nice gameplay swifty;)

Blisk says:

Does this game get tedious to the point where you’re bored much?

GenosectKingRevived says:

I have this game coming through GameFly tomorrow

Sir Nicholas D says:

Is this one of those level based games like The Division or Borderlands

ASE one1997 says:

More pls

Astrophysx says:

This feels like a dark souls like game! Anyone agree?

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