Tom Clancy’s The Division EPIC NEW GAMEPLAY Showing Off Combat, Free Roam Gameplay (BETA HYPE!)

Tom Clancy’s The Division EPIC NEW GAMEPLAY! BETA HYPE! Showing Off Combat, Free Roam Exploration and More on Xbox One (also on PS4, PC).

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chypres89 says:

wonder how much they got paid.

Eddie 2P says:

i hope its able to be played offline. I hope that its good on pc as well [uncapped res fps fov etc]

ISpeedShot says:

Do I need to pre order the game to play the beta?

Gerdi Bot says:

3rd person only ?!?!??!?!

Stonnin says:

Can anyone tell me about this bundle/beta access? Should I get it or just wait for the game to come out. Any news on when the PS4/PC beta access is released?

Dylen Menhenott says:

they should do a open beta

JuanOfaKind88 says:

This totally not biased, totally not.

Milosz Bochra says:

I’m so hyped about this but well… It’s still Ubisoft

Terry says:

Escape from Tarkov > This. Still gonna get this, though. It’ll be interesting to play both.

Kyle Theune says:

When is the beta officially coming?

IncogInfidel says:

I like the amazing spiderman 2’s new york better.

Gregory M Rodgers says:

alguem poderia me passa a conta pra min transferir a licença do jogo? obgd qualquer coisa wpp 3175758620

TyroneIsBeast says:

dude aRE U GAY

Unit645 says:

“Look at him, hit join squad, and boom. Was just there.”

>Meanwhile in Destiny
>Has to boot you through to a menu and then reload the instance

Qinn Odenat says:

I preordered the game on Xbox one. And I don’t when the beta comes out and I don’t if I’ll even get a code. Keep in mind I didn’t do this at game stop I did it digitally, I just went to the marketplace and did it. So someone please help…. Thanks 🙂

RarityGamer says:

Fucking terrible graphics, I have got to force myself to pass!!!

mason rosk says:

Glad you told me the game was “AWESOME” maybe just just gimme one sentence of what you thought was “AWESOME” so i dont wast another 3:40 of my life, thanks. ALLLLLL ABBOOARRD THHE HYPE TRAINNN!

PaulFoley2008 says:

how most hotly the sound in the background from the video? it is cool

TheDillon79 says:

No offense to this YouTube channel but this is a great tech demo video from ubisoft, the real games not gonna.lopk.anything like this.

Nene Gaming says:

£49.99!!?? are you fucking kidding me bruh…

Suha Kavak says:

the game looks great, however I tend not to believe testimonials from people who are already “fan boys.” how about getting some people who don’t really know too much about the series to play it sp we can get real feedback from them?

Angel Eduardo says:

When is the beta?

TopKing63 says:

So this guy sounds like Buckley from ADoseofBuckley

Bailey Faldetta says:

If I pre ordered on the Xbox game store from my console how do I get the beta code

419chris419 says:

Gonna wait for the reviews this time.

I had enough of pre ording ubicunts garbage.

Chris Gaming TV says:

can’t wait to play and stream with game. nice video mate couldn’t get me more hyped. Ganna be a good one to make let’s play videos off

Wizold Sage says:

don’t believe the hype, I’ll wait for a top reviewer I think

ActiveGamersNL says:

Hey, does anyone know if the beta version works on a mac? Cause the full game does if you buy it trough steam.

devil's mechanic says:

i suspect it will devolve into shoot on sight first in the multiplayer areas cause nobody will trust anyone else, like gta5 free roam. i hope not though.

Taydabug says:

If i cant be a black guy, I AM GOING TO BE FUCKING PISSED!!!!

Wesley Mccurdy says:

hopefully it doesnt bomb like rainbow six seige. it looks like really loose gameplay with no first person sights. … but i really do want this game to be great.

Sharae Woods says:

do you get to like punch and fight and stuff like that or no?? ik its a dumb question but i just wanna know

Julie Starling says:

this game looks fun but it would be a lot better if we had monster enemies like in gears of war instead of people

Sithres says:

lol knew that gameplay had to be on a console… he/she was so inaccurate with there shots.

Nothingnesks says:

Pc gamers-

*starts watching video* oh.. These are pretty good graphics… Oh cool he’s jumping over that wall that’s sick… *sees captured on Xbox one*… Wait…… ಠ_ಠ wtf is this shit, it looks like it was made in 1994 this is garbage. Is that a wall or a dildo I can’t tell the difference. This gameplay is shit

DannySafeOhms says:

urg 3rd person shit… PASS

Samuel says:

I bet you guys this game gonna suck dick ubisoft is piece of shit company

Maximus Prometheus says:

Boy oh boy does this game look downgraded. Looks terrible.

paterpater100 says:

Wow, downgrade.

Twitch is sneaky beaky like says:

I’m gonna need people to play with on ps4. psn: xxlikethatxx

Matts FoxDen says:

have fun playing this on console lmao

Tris Sadowski says:

Graphics are ayass

Salom902 says:

Kinda of sad that there is still loading screens after so many years of work and delays.

CrashBurnman95 says:

downgrade is real

Meli & Anthony LP says:

Das Game wird so geil :)))))))))

Frank Alvira says:

its like far cry and witcher had a baby lol

Steven Calhoun says:

Might be dumb question but when does beta drop

Anibal Becerra says:

in ps4 to play the game do you need plus ?

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