Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Opening Cut Scene and Combat Gameplay – PAX East 2016

Check out the beginning of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE and some combat gameplay from Pax East 2016.

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Maaziio says:

dat audio doe

Micah Vincent says:

well this looks incredibly stupid
fake rasengan
used this chicks soul as a weapon while she just sits there
fusion powers, wondering how it happened when u clearly just said the manic words

javierich0 says:

Wow nice job with the audio shit lords.

thuthuka desele says:


areszeus92 says:

Atlus are the developers, it’s so Persona/SMT like.

EJ Padilla says:

Why is the audio like 30 seconds delayed?

Adrian says:

Stupid! I like anime but… That… Is just breasts and panties 🙁

Midori says:

What kind of recorder is Gamespot using? Holy shit, way to make the game look bad, Gamespot.

o0PRiNGER0o says:

the fuck is this crap

Gerald Milton says:

Is it just me or is the audio not synced?

JJ Aguilar says:

anyone else getting the weird audio synching.

azzuredragon says:

This game is not for westerners. It’s too lighthearted and colorful.

Wind Slayer says:

Let’s pray this isn’t the final product…

Operator Zekken says:

I was originally excited for this game when it was FExSMT because I thought the prospect of having characters I know from these two universes interact would’ve been really amusing. I’m sure they’ve been working hard on this game because it’s not like ot looks totally awful. But for me it’s hard to look at this and not imagine what could’ve been

EJ Padilla says:


kuja says:

For some reason I thought this had something to do with fire emblem

Haymee says:

I was excited for this when it was shin megami tensei x fire emblem.

John Nixk says:


BlueDragon says:

I really hope this gets English dubbing, cause if i have to try and read the subtitles with how badly synced they are then I wont be able to follow a damn thing.

Eliseo Rocha says:

Too bad it’s a WiiU exclusive. Oh well I suppose, maybe the sequel won’t be.

milo0221 says:

besides the delayed auido i think it looks good :/

The Game of Life is Suckware says:

Ransengan an enemy and the enemy turns into an ally.

Japan has the best games says:

could they have fucked up this idea any worse?

gundamzerostrike says:

I hit the dislike button because the recording is all fucked up… WTF GameStop…

ohthepeppers says:

You know a game’s Japanese when it has costumes that make no sense, girls with ear-meltingly high squeaky voices and guys shouting “Ouuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhh!” a lot. And terrible, terrible fucking music.

Hayato the Christian says:


Pony Fart says:

typical and cringe anime stuff

Baldoxxx4000 says:

oh dis is ghey

Yamiblade Smash says:

fail audio

Shitstain Reigns says:

Looks great.

Micklo202 says:

In before nintendo removes the Female grunts because of how sexual it sounds.

Felix Gijón says:

is this only for Wii U?

TheLegend27 says:


w45tu says:

persona 4 with #FE . . damn i cant stop laughing XDD

Shrek The Ogre says:

reupload please

deezzy says:

What in the actual…

Talvin Finley says:

0:48 rasengan

xboxgamer969 says:

Gamespot fix your shit, the audio is not synced properly

boxtears says:


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