The Witcher 3 Free Roam & Combat Gameplay

The witcher 3 Gameplay featuring Free Roam & Combat against Monsters.
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The Witcher is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game, set in a visually stunning fantasy universe, full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter tasked with finding a child from an ancient prophecy.

● PC Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 4.5 Ghz
GPU: Asus Strix GTX 970 OC
Ram: Kingston HyperX Genesis 2x 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
MB: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3
HDD: 2 x Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (32 MB/7200 RPM SATA III) Raid 0
PSU: FSP Aurum S 500W Gold
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


Kacey Pulley says:

Great video. Can you tell me what armor you were wearing? I haven’t seen that one yet.

Raidenway says:

You are using Nvidia card and no hairWorks on?!
I’m using Sapphire HD 7950 high setting 1080p full hairWork on with 50+ FPS
Increase your pagefile to 16GB or more if you have 16GB RAM
Games pre load data into pagefile for the ram to access it quickly.

GamingWithAhmad says:

If assassin creed empire will have RPG into it like this it will suck

Raidenway says:

Dude get AMD cpu for better gameplay experience because intel cpu spoil the fun.

Koyin Koyin says:

Can you get this on Xbox 360


can i use the gameplay in my video?

idontknowk um says:

The witcher 3 is definitely the best game if 2016

Tony C says:

Good stuff. Had a ton of fun with this game. You show off the combat well.

It’s a pity one is able to steamroll through everything so easily. I think the difficulty really breaks the immersion. It’s way too easy even on the hardest difficulty.

I wish there was a mod with the 2 following elements:

1- Make enemies always be between 5 and 10 levels above you (no more running into level 4 monsters at level 30, which makes no sense)

2- Drastically reduced effectiveness/intensity of all witcher signs (around 50%-70%), so that playing a sign build with low cooldowns and high investment in the magic tree as well as sign intensity actually became meaningful and provided unique benefits (as it stands now you can burn and knockdown just about anyone with little to no point investment).
If you wanted to incapacitate someone with aard or light them on fire with Igni while using a swordman build, lacking the point distribution in the magic tree, you’d necessarily have to fill your adrenaline points first to get the highest intensity out of the spell.

I believe these balance changes would improve the challenge and fun of the game tenfold, thereby making more immersive.

Vincent_g says:

25 dollars for complete edition here I come

Mr. Freeze says:

Why don’t you go to Skellige? The ennemies are to your level!

DeepPurple1987 says:

Has anyone out there noticed that the soundtrack played in this gameplay from
15:08 – 15:29, is the exact same thing thats was originally a piece from the Disciples 3 game in this soundtrack:,  from
00:36 – 00:57 ?  I wonder how CD Project RED got their hands on this. I think this soundtrack in the Witcher 3 is slower, and it’s in a different key. The song is of course edited. The drums are taken out, some kind of a plucking string instrument is added. Maybe a lute, not sure. But the song ins the same.

Tristan Trieu says:

Can Geralt swing his sword without either spinning or jumping…?

Johnathon. says:

Dude i love how the combat is not button smashing

Raidenway says:

You know what, many people have been complaining about Intel lack intelligence vs AMD superior intelligence while gaming.
Enemy seems dull and half asleep or attack in turn unlike amd where they all attack together.

Abe Szajowitz says:

What is the black sword with glowing blue inscriptions?

Anirban Santra says:

Should i buy this game or gta 5? I’m confused

andresan writer says:

Why doesn’t he loot the corpses or take the Edward’s

Another settlement Need your help says:

no hp regeneration system like witcher 2??

Joey Gray says:

I sold my x box but I miss this game so much…

Yahbozo12 says:

The combat in this game is so exciting, it will never get old

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