The Surge Combat Gameplay Trailer (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

The Surge Combat Gameplay Trailer (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

Deck13’s upcoming hardcore Action-RPG The Surge comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 16, 2017. Today’s Combat Trailer challenges you to survive the deadly CREO facility, making use of The Surge’s fast, technical combat system.

As showcased in the Target, Loot & Equip Trailer, make use of vertical and horizontal attacks, as well as strike power, to target and dismember specific limbs, so you can loot what you cut. Looting upgrades for your exo-suit is key to progression, and surviving challenging physically based combat situations is a matter of skill.

Positioning and speed are vital, so make use of your exo-enhanced dodges, blocks, ducks and jumps to avoid attacks while managing stamina, ensuring you’re always in the right place to strike the limb you want, or to avoid a potentially damning blow. The rules of combat apply to both you, and your enemy : get hit in an unarmored limb, and you’ll go down faster. Take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses while balancing your own, and you’ll walk away with his strengths.

But you’re not alone. Throughout your journey you’ll be assisted by your industrial drone, with abilities once used for CREO’s industrial needs now manipulated into a fighting machine. Shield yourself, or Burn, knock down, pull, and blast enemies at your will as you continue to fight in melee.


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doggie0819 says:

i sense pvp, means microtransactions

Hassan Song says:

*Megaman version Gore*

Subhrajyoti Nag says:

Dark souls in a mech. environment .

Z zz says:

For Honor + Dark Souls + MG Rising

GiRTheDuck says:

Ok ill be honest. This game looks really fucking good.

FierceSaris Gaming says:

well, that is a weird opening

Sham Sher says:

Lol am I the only one who thinks this combat looks a lot better than dark souls?

Kelvin Martinez says:

This looks amazing.

Abyss Spectre says:

I hope it doesn’t lack enemy variety.

English Nationalism says:


Angelo Bacena says:


LOLMASSSS2442 says:

Looks like a trash transformers game

Kim-Jong il says:

Dark souls but in space? sounds interesting

Yazan Enazy says:


Nailhead says:

Und gekauft

Shadow Of The Night says:

Sci-fi dark souls cause why not

xin0 says:

they revealed too much of the bosses and enemies man, wtf:/

Иван Алёшин says:

Привет многим…. Народ, кто в курсе, у главного персонажа будет только оружие ближнего боя? А Супервозможности будут? Заранее спасибо и пожалуйста.

Conzola98 says:

The hitboxes look fantastic in this!

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