The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Combat Gameplay – E3 2016

Link takes on some enemies and shows off his new techniques in this combat gameplay.

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TheUltimateNatural says:

I need that enemy fight theme! O.O

Moon Door says:

Nintendo will get all ruppes in the world with this game… ♥


Nintendo Worship says:

looks boring

Maxim Dragoon says:

I’m glad they delayed it. Looks much more polished

Force0fWi11 says:

I don’t care what you say.

This looks amazing and I’d draw blood for it.

IconOfGin says:

Some people may not be impressed, but they should. This is a massive step forward, for the series. Other games may be set in an open world, but for Zelda, that element makes it feel so exciting. We were so accustomed to a formula, and stepping in a different direction feels so fresh, even if games have gone done that path before.

Narwelch says:

The footage is taken from a live stream and then uploaded to youtube. Of course it doesn’t look that great. It’ll look a lot better in person.

WarGhostie says:

Dark souls: prepare to never die editon

Rayaan Ali says:

I never played A Zelda game and I think this would be my first

Rayza NC says:

Nintendo are stuck in a time warp

GameJump3RZ says:

Windwaker 2

PTBtheSTONER says:

Did they announce any news on the “NX”

Des Klas says:

i cant wait for this game

dineshn says:

lol looks meh

Eli Butterfield says:

the bokoblins are ginormous

SkyFall Leafy says:

Skyrim 2 confirm!

FredB127 says:

We waited 3 years to play wind waker in a forest with barely better-than-gamecube graphics. cool.

kqueen says:

Pre-baked ragdoll animations on the Wii U version pretty much confirms an NX version with a proper physics engine!

Mr.Founders says:

this is t e first ever legend of Zelda game your can jump in. Thank you Nintendo!

Kyle M. says:

Where’s the hat?????????

Bread Lover says:

This makes me very very happy.

PapaOogie says:

Why is he right handed??

downphoenix says:

this is like the kind of Zelda game I wanted as a kid, so awesome!

Senpai Gamer says:

Never played Zelda ever before but this looks amazing.

Its like Studio Ghilblis Miyazakai X Nintendo

Roger Squash says:

honestly, looks like its worth the wait. i prefer this to another really linear formulaic game

Babamboo7u7TM says:


Sean Park says:

Ps2 graphics

Jake Ritchie says:

Hopefully you can choose a higher difficulty from the get go because he could have taken 8 full hits from these guys, who don’t seem that aggressive in the first place, before death. Which has been my main problem with Zelda since Link to the Past: combat is beyond easy.

Rens van Deursen says:

Where is his green tunic?! I won’t buy the game if you’re not able to wear one.

Zach Lowenstein says:

The Legend of Far Cry Skyrim III: Wild Hunt

I am Cancer says:

elf walking simulator

Darien Jimenez says:

is this the new Xenoblade chronicle game

Adam J. Perlaki says:


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