The Last Of Us ● Aggressive Gameplay

Playing The Last of Us on grounded difficulty with lots of ammo to show off its great combat.
Q. How do you get so much supplies on grounded?
A. Changing difficulty with chapter select.
I completed the game multiple times on easy. One save file only.
Fully upgraded Joel and his weapons along the way. Conserved almost all my ammo and supplies.
Now all I have to do is use chapter select and choose grounded.
It raises the difficulty, but loads the stockpile and upgrades I had while playing on easy.

The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s available on PS3 and PS4.
This is the remastered PlayStation 4 version.
Recorded with an elgato HD60 at 60 frames per second.


Niklas Gebert says:

It’s so fucking satisfying to watch this video

Marcos Bravo says:

¡¡Wtf man, you’re the fucking boss!!

Arkansas Dave says:

Damn! Beast mode! Nice brah.

CAEmiSsj says:


i hate my profile picture says:

The Uncharted God of The Last of War

sunsaayy says:


d k says:

…Jesus Joel!

Miraak says:

stealth is for coward, i finish this game at hard difficulty whit my punches, true warrior not run away, if we were the zombies in real life, I would kill them all with my hands, i save the words.

Sukira Miru says:

“Jesus Joel!”

noctropolis27 says:

Wow, amazing skills and style, pleasure to watch!

Dani Cjs says:

Eso es en una ps4 pro no? Que fluido se ve lpm

Moisés Marins says:

WOW!!! :-O

oof foo says:

I love how the physical movements and blood physics are so realistic in this game it actually feels somewhat real. Totally the best game of its time, hands down.

Can Ceyhan says:

your solve is very good man. i tried to play hardest mode too but there was no supplies for use. So i didnt because it was bullshit. No ammo no knife no bandage. it was very suck.

Daniel Smith says:


Bilguudei Bilegtkhuu says:

damn… you crazy

miguel herrera says:

“Im not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me”

Tiago Feitosa says:

3:20 Last time I tried that, those zombies rushed over me while I was fighting one of them. They never waited for me to finish off the first…

Monte Harrison says:

This is legit

Nate Pike says:

Holy shit!

allan padilla says:

easy mode

Touch This says:

Never played like this

Gustavo Henrique says:

This is of other channel

Константин Кудратов says:

How many time it need to play this game to achieve that skill?

yucel yaman says:

Oha amk

Marco Antonio says:

The guy is a killing machine

Campe says:

Este wey a lo que va no se anda con mamadas 🙂

Leonardo Albuquerque says:

O maluco é brabo! rsrs

Max Miko says:

Feels like you watching good action movie 🙂

Dude】 【Chill says:

Jesus fucking christ man

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