Tank Combat in 2.5k Resolution – Battlefield 1 Gameplay

Battlefield 1 armored vehicle combat looks great in sweet 2.5k resolution. Check out 3 minutes of gameplay.

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CACATUA 242 says:

The fuck is a 2.5k? just say 1440p


Bump it up to 2.6K please,you are losing the objective.

Jai Gray says:

Does this mean my phone can run this at 1.82k?

जॉन सीना Jhon Sina says:

They aren’t allowed to say 2k because Take Two would sue them… Kappa

Joseph Alexander says:

who the fucks is playing this? you are terrible.

Azim Alif says:

voice feedback in ww?

ThatTallGuy2601 says:

I’m more amazed that my phone can do 2k video at 60fps lol

Solomon Deathstar says:

That is sexyyyyyy

Incurablederp says:

The loader on that tank deserves a cookie; JFC the reload times are fast

Neokin kyriacou says:

tanks looks so fucking good in this game. i was never a fan of the tanks in previous bf games for some reason.

Rolands says:

2.5k …… ok

Thomas J says:

4k is overrated, 2.5k res is the bomb!

Better to bend than to break says:

I am sick of this. Show something else. Show singleplater.

SavagexRaccoon says:

dam it looks good af and i didnt know youtube allows 1440p 60fps 🙂

73maxmau says:

2.5k = 1080p . so 2432 x 1366 must be 16mp lol

Youtube helpcentrum Nederland says:

everything got ripped from Heroes and Generals

Techu40 X says:

Just wanna se campaign gameplay now -_-“

Travis Mobley says:

You mean 1440p?

Bakunawa BenHierro says:

me in world of tanks..

dirkyd3rk says:

god damn this game looks sweet

jalal ali says:

Wtf is 2.5k

mathew heart says:

im going to try to run this game in 10k……… jk it looks good tho

Gamecation says:

reminds me of fury.

BattMarn says:

just call it 1440p ffs

Mark Henman says:

I can’t wait for this to come out

Lefliy says:

Anyone else keeps thinking about Butters from Southpark whenever the game mentions the name?

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