SUBMARINE COMBAT – Das Boot! (Gunfleet Gameplay)

GUNFLEET – NEW Naval Combat FTP Game! (Gunfleet First Impressions)

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indian guy says:

where is german U-boats ?

Sorin Iordan says:

M26E1 and F8F-1B

Fabricio Jiménez González says:

submarine combat ? pffff try silent hunter for a real submarine game

Kit Angelo Paner says:

Interesting game. hahahaha

Tommy Hellberg says:

Deplenish was an outstanding word!

Mike wazowski says:

love your haircut 😉

Giorgos mpantis says:

Big headed russian T-80 with Pe-3/E comrade XD attempt#3

Decafeiner21 says:

“some subs are much faster uner the water” Phly what have you been drinking dude ? We talk about mainly WW2 Submarines there, aren’t we ?

Surface: Diesel engine.
Submerged: Electric engine.

Geo Falke says:

US 4th of July/Rockets Red Glare/Russian Bias My Ass combo M26T99 + AD-2 Skyraider attempt #2

오늘만 삽니다 판사님 저는 says:

does this game have air unit? for scouting or something

Andrew Lawlor says:

This game is hard to find when searching google (when you don’t know the name).

Strato-Fortex says:

go play silent hunter 4…non this game haahhaah

SuperGames Gaming and More! says:

If u want to sink Japanese battleships and carriers then make a Series of Silent Hunter 5

Muddyn O'Fairghail says:

as a passionate Silent Hunter gamer this is so hard to watch

zagan1 says:

yes the japs had mini subs some were smaller Australia has some in storage

Austin Wright says:

take a panzer 2h out into battle against 6.0+! Mein Führer commands it!

Toilopince Izam says:

Phly is the gunfleet better then steel ocean?

Alex Musante says:

Hell Yeah Phly Subs all day GO NAVY

Popescu Liviu says:


Sromotny Kobziarz says:

We’re gonna repair it with Xanax

Krasimir Valchev says:

Ultimate tea combo: Conqueror Mk. 2 and Lancaster B Mk III, please

Quentin Y Gaming says:

does anybody else notice that in the start of the video the 6th vehicle on the vehicle bar is called “lube”?

Gabe Cube says:


Poo Face says:

What texture pack is this. I didn’t know texture packs were available for war thunder.

pejj300 gamer says:

why does the game have star Trek’s red alert sound every time you get spotted

Marko Haapanen says:

Is there a typhoon or u boat?

Fly Time says:

what is the intro song name?

Wilkham says:

This game is so not realist, since when he dives underwater in 1 sec … and It goes to 15 node wtf.
The ocean is horrible !

Natty Daddy says:

Silent Hunter is still the best sub game ever made.

Jpertubal4 says:

looks like World of Warships.

Melkor Bauglir says:


Alex Gordon says:

can you do kv2 and spitfire

derflo says:

Hey Phly! If you like submarines why you not try out silent hunter? For a free version you could try out silent hunter online first(registration needed). Online is not that complex but much fun too. Maybe you could do some vids about it 🙂

Ids van Kasteren says:

Wows subs. Pleeeaaasse make it happen wargaming

Axis_Crusher says:

You had to call out Battlestations: Midway and Pacific…. 🙂

Matthew Plascencia says:

You should play this game with Bismark83, a very small twitch streamer. While quite small, i’ve been watching him for week and he’s by far the most entertaining streamer i’ve watched. Far more than (no offense) you or any other big streamers i’ve come upon.

cptmiller132 says:

derpy af lol XD

Guardian 75 says:

It’s been a week and they haven’t sent me an email to confirm from sign in page. Never take r word on a game again.


Keep this intro in every video… Its amazing and punchy

CrazyMonkey3400 says:

Isn’t this just pretty much World Of Warships

Thad L says:

hey Phly, when launching torps, right click on an enemy to get a target lead indicator for more accurate launches

Алексей Пославский says:

Графика ужасная

OnCraftGames says:

Phly here’s the shittiest British combo for you: Charioteer Mk VII and Firebrand TF
Mk IV. Good luck, cause you’ll need it. (Eighth attempt)

francisco ostos says:

seriusly half the cooments are do that combo do that attemp,holy shit u have nothing else to say?good vid phly

Lord Leandro says:

waht is the name of the game?

FuZiioN-_-Cs says:

Does anyone know what this intro song is I can’t find it

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