Stonehearth | Ep 3 | Cleric Combat! | v1.1 Gameplay!

Down with the goblins! Up with profits!

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Outro music – Kevin MacLeod – ‘Sneaky Snitch’ (All videos! 😀 )


Kendra Komer says:

R activate the alarm for the People

Elias Burstein says:

I love stone hearth you convinced me to buy it my self

Andrew Labella says:

I love this series

Gemini says:

check underground everywhere you should find gold stashes and other things

Jake k says:

The building feature in stonehearth is one of the few things they need to overhaul, editing is a bitch.

ILiketRussian says:

I’m just, well a herding village is the wrong term for your village, its a “Live Stock” village you have created. You learn something new every day 🙂 I bought the game because of you and I love it and can’t wait for the game to advance!

Niels Røgen says:

more Stonehearth

Raymond Bjørgen says:

Happy New year lathrix

DoctorCataclysm says:

What mods are you using?

MitsssPlayz yeah says:

I hope you build some sort of big structure on the mountain with somewhat Arabic architectural designs since it’s what I’ve envisioned since the first episode. But we all can’t be winners now can we? Keep up the good work lathland and make the Cash Cacti proud!!!

imik 86 says:

can one of them be named lad?

Aendran Ireho says:

After enslaving the galaxy for money, Lathrix massacres goblin civilians for their sheep. Remember, we are the GOOD guys.
Glorious beard !

Casper Sundegård says:

Happy new year Lath!

Frederick Steiert says:

Als you should try pixark

truemadmanmatrix says:

You should name a herbalist Amanita Phalloides which is the Latin name for the death cap mushroom and also the name of my d&d circle of spores Druid.

phillip woolf says:

Name the cool beard guy Josh, like as in GamingFasterThanLight.

mwch says:

Be really cool, if you bridge the platues together. And make houses buildings on top

captain raama says:

9:25 is it because they’re happy or screaded

Neron Wolf says:

get rid of the ladders lathland

YoungGamingScientist says:


Andrew Christiansen says:

Curse you! Now I want to play this….

Shahida Akhter says:

Name someone Jawad

TheMaxi5398 says:

Hey i have a tip for the veggies. You dont needed to store it outside, you only must have them in your inventory.

Cameron Guerlain says:

What happened to avorion

Rebecca Smith says:

Why haven’t you played Nimbatus in a month?

Enderspry says:

Why not try what appears to be a “roof mode” in the building menu? Which is the fifth one from the left

Shcade X-A113 says:


phillip woolf says:

+1000000000 YP (YouTube Points) to Lathrix

Jacques Chouinard says:

name one jack frost or Jeffrey

Shane Webb says:

The stockpile for the Rabbit God, also means you can feed your pets.

the Wolf knights says:

Lathland i just made a vid for you of your terrabike but upgrade in joy

Zynstein says:

So its 6 am. Ive spent 2 hours on yt and up until 4 am just doing random shit on laptop. Now watching this. Fuck sleep.

Connor Bower says:


James says:

Name Roren Umayya “The Prettiest Princess” or “Jeff”

Dats a Spicy meme says:

Up dawg as a name

PerfectDeath4 says:

Tried out the recommended mod for the game, it changes a LOT of stuff. Plants have recommended water values so you might have to dig irrigation for them. The blacksmithing is changed a lot as well and is quite difficult to level up enough to make a carpenter’s saw if you don’t start with one or cannot buy one.

James says:

23:43 always remember goblin slayer

Swollo Baggins90 says:

Iä iä Cthubunny fhtagn!

Kendra Komer says:

Cooked food sells for a lot of gold !,,,,,,

Ryan Lizardo says:

Happy New year

Adrian's Classic Games says:

Call an archer Halt

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