Stealth, Combat & Puzzles Gameplay – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Check out this gameplay mashup of using stealth, fury kills and snowboarding in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seen at E3 2016.

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vrafiqa says:

1:08 did he just do what i think he just did


I’m pretty sure we will be able to tame different animals in this game. It’s called Breath of the Wild yes? And they already have the companion feature in there through Wolf Link, with hearts, icon, companion AI and everything.. I believe, that animal companions will be a huge part of this game… What do you guys think?

Grayson Metzbower says:

ho shit! he threw that lazer right back

Nikolai xD says:

this game looks real nice but the graphics seem a little odd i hope its youtube encoding`s fault

sameold23 says:

There’s just so much stuff in this game. I’m gonna try to do everything. Travel everywhere and see what I can find.

YaBoyG2T$ says:

i feel they are showing a bit too much for a game that hasnt even been given a release date…

Skarn22 says:

They badly need to fix that flurry rush, but overall the game’s pretty good.

Ferman Sensei says:

I’m calling it. Leaf, best weapon in the game.

Tom Riddler says:

People, instead of buying bs console upgrades such as PS Neo and Scorpio, hold on to your ps4 and/or xbox one and save your money for Nintendo NX!

Molten_ says:

at first I was kind of down on the lack of music, but it really goes a long way towards making the world seem like a tactile place (not necessarily real). I just get a major sandbox vibe from this game, like every single item (even the blades of grass) has a purpose that you can exploit to your advantage. nintendo absolutely nailed it with this game.

Hero_Select says:

I love all of these little attention to detail.

gnar gnar head says:

looks shiit

Julian Wilkins says:

Most well played gameplay iv seen do far.

somimpulse says:

Oh man Zelda n64 took over so much of my life 16 years ago. This game looks so fun. I wish

idontlike5pies says:

Sooo… they’ve taken some lessons from the Souls series

WhyIdontknowmyname says:


lucrative8 says:

uumm….yes please.

Shattered Sentient says:

I love how the Bokoblin snarls at 2:50

Harriz Cronicle says:

Thumbs Up! For the player.nice gameplay

NoMad says:

This is the Wii U version right ?

Alexandros grivas says:

The ai seems a bit easy to kill and they rarely hit

DelfinoDolphin'sQuadV VoltinVaultsVivacityVarial says:

I’m gonna have fun with knocking enemies off the edge anyone agree with me

The Diamond Shard says:

Can’t wait to take out that big dark foggy thing by blowing it away with a leaf.

Carlos Moreira says:

Great game. I hope it comes for consoles someday. For now, just WiiU.

Twilight Dusk says:

What’s with the gem symbol on that one club at 0:28?

wonszlol says:

“~Spooky scary skele-”
“Wait, what are you doing?”
“Why are you walking towards the ledge?”
“Put me dow–NOOOooooo o!”

Jacob Davis says:

Damn I’m just trying to see the dodge/rolling mechanics but no one uses them

Buibuiopolis Mayor says:

I’m going to love this game! I’m not ashamed to admit that for most of my childhood, I played ocarina just to pretend to be Link living in his little tree house as a child. I collected water with bottles, and fish with bottles. It’s a dream come true 😀

M. HAMDANI says:

Can we fish with a fishing rod in this game?

Oracle Owen says:

I love the way they made it so new but SO Zelda

Luca vinícius says:

Hated that filter, makes the game look super washed out

SrmegaCabra says:

This is just a snippet of what Loz: Breath of the Wild will contain. Nintendo this was the greatest and most pleasant surprise of E3 for many of us, make more games like this and you’ll sell NX consoles like hot cakes.

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