Star Citizen – Constellation Gameplay / Combat


Mortimer Stern says:

Looks Great!

2Strictly says:

this isnt even going to be the biggest ship and it is so cool

Scruffy Black Templar says:

How do you run this at amazing fps?

Vowen-Hein Productions says:

make a lite version….my phone (note 4) would have a stroke.


cool 🙂

Bask_In_My_Glory says:

The sound the engines make…sounds like a goddamn transformer

Lucas Sidor says:

Is it just me or has the stability of the game significantly dropped since 2.0? For whatever reason, I can not go 20min without catastrophic failure of one thing or another, the FPS has fallen to shit, and my conni is the glitchiest thing in the game. Half the time I fall through the floor when trying to use one of the lifts.

Earthworm Jim says:

lol, u took ma connie!

Steven Roch says:

Nice video and sick gameplay!
May I ask what settings and what system you are playing this at/on?

Matrx85 Gaming says:

Is this 2.1.1 or 2.0

Crazy Gamer says:

Nice video mate keep it up well worth a sub and a thumbs up

Christian J. says:

What a bunch of losers..

Obscene9 says:

I wish i could get my PTU to run that smooth lol

Dumb Comment says:

Im going to burn my wallet once again

Alfred Chen says:

Hi Stephen, how do you fire missiles when you are piloting this thing?

Sergio Vera Ruiz says:

Cpu and gpu? pls

--cLAsic-- says:

Wow ! Nice . Real Nice

Shawn Adkins says:

can you tell me your rig setup.

Phillip Mulligan says:

I have to admit the Constellation Taurus and Andromeda look better in the front and have better visibility from inside compared to the Aquila. The Aquila was supposed to have greater visibility looking out but my hangar Aquila is confining. The Aquilas larger glass cockpit was miss handled in window placement and suffered a more confined vision. CI need to move the seats slightly forward or change the window framing and glass placement so views are not as blocked. Nice thing is CI is aware of this problem along with the main cargo/Usra 6×6 rover clearance issue and will fix the problem.

Shaorune Nautilus says:

so. you need crew to operate this ship???

Diego Núñez Martínez says:

what version of Constellation its ???

ryan caspersen says:

why is there smoke and sparks in the ship? damage?

Kyle Currier says:


Ok, its v2.4.5 right now, and im flying an Andromeda. I know they used to have those damage effects on the interior (sparks and smoke) but some time between 2.3 and 2.4, it stopped working. Did they disable it??? Why dont the effects show now?

Alex Sebastian says:

I think there should be a lite version of this game on Android so won’t get stuck in the PC version

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