STAR CITIZEN 2.6 | Star Marine FPS Combat & DRAKE CATERPILLAR Gameplay

We’re all STAR MARINES now. 2.6 gameplay Live Stream.
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Star Citizen Persistent Universe exploration & Star Marine gameplay. Version 2.6

From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes STAR CITIZEN. 100% crowd funded, Star Citizen aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion… and you’re invited to follow every step of development!

More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay.


The Issh says:

So it’s Call of Duty?

AndreShorterTV says:

what are you running on your pc?

Joe James says:

22:24 massive i like u but dont be racist against whites and sexist to men and im black
EDIT:well u do make the impatient fans sound very liberal/sjw

Ethan Barnett says:

Can I get star citizen on ps4?

Philip Hines says:

53′ (last post 😉 ) As soon as I get a pc to handle SC Imma help you smoke those bandits blocking you from launching your ship! 😉

Ronnie Leno says:

would you play ark

Philip Hines says:

39′ – Yeah bro, who needs negativity — and people who seem to get enjoyment out of disliking things other ppl like… df… I’m glad you are on youtube man!

Wesley white says:

Will this be on console

Christian J. says:

What’s with the ‘WHITE MEN” comment ?

Kenneth Milam says:

Just found this channel and I really love the commentary.

Joey Shade says:

If you have not made an account yet to play this game use my referral code below when you make your account to recieve 5000 free in game credits.

MisterChief53 says:

For those that say that sound does not transmit in space… The weapons shoot projectiles and then the gases hit the armor, that is what you hear.

Vincentthegamedude says:

I look forward to exploring all the galaxies! Will need to buy or learn to build a bad ass gaming PC.

Coal Silvermuzzle says:

Shoot, I just checked into the game some more. I see that I have to buy ships for R/L cash, like MW:O. Can ships and equipment be bought with in game credits or just R/L cash, when released?

I also noticed that there would be a one time purchase for the game software, but will I have to pay for premium time to play parts of the game?

In WOW I had to pay for each update on top of a monthly playing fee, after the first several updates and with the monthly fees, I had to give up playing. Now being an older gent just starting my pension, my free money to play games is getting a little limited.

I have been a gamer and a computer nut since, should I say, before a lot of you were born. My home made gaming computer is getting a little old (about 2 years old), looks like time to do a rebuild.

I7-3.5ghz, 8TB across 5 drives and SSD’s, 32GB ram, maxumus VI hero MB, with a GeForce GTX 770 video card.

I gave my system info, so I can get any suggestions on upgrades for the new VR stuff coming out and some of the new games I have been eyeing. It seems to be getting a little glitchy, due to age and use.

caleb frey says:

Hey massive g I’m starting a Chanel do u have any suggestions for what I should do

Edmond Eagan says:

This game can potentially be one of the best games of all time. I want them to continue taking there time developing this game, so far this game looks beautiful for as early it is in its development, I of course have only seen what is being shown.

joseph badaoui says:

massive what pc do u have?

Meuduso1 says:

Give me drones, engineering stuff and mechs and I’m in! Well I’m in either way but that’d be awesome! I’d like a space station like Grim HEX for engineers. When I have my new PC I’ll join in. And I have a question about that:
There are still two starting ships right? Which one should I pick?

vincent ortiz says:

guy sounds like a strip club dj…

Floris de Jonge says:

if you want to try this game out make sure you use the referal code from a friend or mine

here is mine referal code STAR-DYKM-G63F

that way you get 5000 ingame money for free (when you buy a ship). Always nice to get free stuff

(you can enter it in the store when you order the ship)

trumping trump says:

someone told me you have to pay real money for ships is this true or naw

Whitey Quartz says:

Is this game on PlayStation 2?

Dopey Duke says:

7:30 no your actually wrong you can hear things that your touching through the sound waves going through your body to your ear drums you could if intercoms are down put your helmets together and hear each other! the reason you cant hear each other is because theirs nothing between you and something in the vacuum of space but on earth theirs gases

Ronin Gaming says:

How is he running this game so well? my specs are not low and it runs like poop even after suggested tweaks

Moflyzone says:

Already part of your crew man. Hopefully I’ll see you in the verse

Paul Dawson says:

I’ve subcribed

Ludric NullEins says:

looks awesome 😀

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