Splatoon 2: ALL SPECIAL WEAPONS (Training + Combat Gameplay) – Nintendo Switch (UPDATED)

Here is all Splatoon 2 Special Weapons used in training mode and used in combat to show how well each special weapons preforms.

Since the last Splatoon 2 video showcasing all the special weapons in my previous video, there were a few missed as well as a new one that was released so it’s time to update the video. Also included besides just showing it off in training mode, The special is also showed during combat to see how well it goes against other players in Splatoon 2.

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Arc Ray says:

its weird that a few these super are kind of downgrades of the original supers and yet they actually seem functional here. ive been having an awful time trying to use them.
(bomb rush excluded as i see no difference between this game’s and the last’s other than the “ball rack” on your back.)

the ones that bother me the most in this game are:

Ink Armor – it REALLY should be instant armor upon using it, the super guage goes down already while you are literally defenseless waiting for the armor to activate and the armor barely lasts anyways. (although the fact it seems to work for the whole team is sort of good if the armor lasted.)

Inkjet – with how goddamn low you move you really should either be invincible or have MUCH higher defense or have you flying higher so you arent as easy to hit.

Sting Ray – really really slow and odd aiming. (at least you can re-adjust quickly when not firing.)

Dylan 718 says:

How about all the sub weapons?

Sqripted Data says:

Do all the type of weapons!
(Shooter roller, etc)

Gavin Visco says:

1:36 *_W O K E_*

TripleJump says:

Bomb Rush Blush is a fantastic bit of music.

Lapis Gamer says:

Splatoon 2 = Splatoon 1
Sting Ray= Killer Wail
Ink Armor= Bubbler
Splashdown= Ink Strike
Bomb Rush= Bomb Rush
Tenta Missiles = Echolocator?
Baller= Kraken
Inkjet= Inkzooka
Other Splatoon stuff don’t.ablide

Citrus Blast says:

Is there no burst bomb rush yet?

Lucas Bruno Pérez Gangas says:


Hamae says:

1:36 W H O S H O O K M E

Zack Isaac Sanchez says:

Hmm…. I less a Splatoon?

Japanese/Anime Gamer says:

The most I’ve used is the Sting Ray.
2. Ink Storm
3. Splashdown
4. Ink Jet
5. Bubble Blower
In that order (never used the bomb launcher in battle).

FrostySquidInkling says:


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