Spider-Man PS4: The Scarlet Spider – Epic Combat Moments Gameplay – Vol.15

Welcome back to some more Spider Man on the PS4. Today I decided to show some of the combat encounters I had in my prevous play session. This game is great and I always love playing it. I will most likely be playing the DLC on the 23rd, so we’ll see what new things come with that. Let me know if you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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Oscar Karlsson says:

have spider skills 🙂

NoVa Ice says:

0:34 i like how the sun went along with that Seen

Icecube88 says:

crazy watching your first spider man vid and comparing it to this one. you have mastered the combat.

Mad Titan says:

Question? If you kick them off the building would they fall,

Janon Dhayalan says:

At 1:33 how tf does one acquire this level of expertise?!

clinton caple says:

Where does the web connect on that swing kick lmao just a nitpick

Ahmed Tarek says:

please make prototype 2
I miss this game so much

9s • says:

I suck at fighting : c

ScorpionKing says:

How you do that move at 8:43?

MGSBigBoss77 says:

In real life if a superhero like Spider-Man existed and he beat up criminals like this up; They’d be a) crippled for life and b) crime would be over the next day as no criminal would want that kind of ass whupping themselves at all Lmao.

Kabuki uchiha says:

I’m gonna enjoy playing with the mkll scarlet spider suit

Shaurya GAMING STUDIOS says:

Brilliant,its excelled. Keep It up!!!!!

Eric Hudson says:

His fucking Scarlet Spider is a savage..

Ahmed Tarek says:

Swifty unkown
Could you do me a favour and upload some gameplay videos of your ps4 games like call of duty god of war and Spiderman
Assassin’s creed origins
Using xim apex
( a gadget that enables you to play ps4 games using keyboard and mouse )
So you will give us an impression how it feels to use xim apex
Because I intend to buy a ps4 and my only problem that I don’t like to use the controller instead of keyboard and mouse

4K NATION says:


Jão says:

4:13 What happens if we lock a guy in the elevator and he gets off?

Last-No̸tch says:

Scarlet Spider? More like Swifty Spider.

Joshua Delongpre says:

The uploader of the sexiest gameplay on YouTube

Benjamin Moore says:

Does anyone know where he is fighting

jsmexish says:

That is epic! You must have him maxed out

FaytLinegod says:

God, I love the Trip Mine. So much fun to use.

Sunny Jims says:


Sean-David Madison says:

Do the Rockstar costume next bro!!!!

umesh kumar says:

I am waiting for the movement when this game is get release for the pc

King Stes says:

Litty gameplay

im shook says:

spieddermann iz col

Nano5551000 says:

Is just my impression, or a man is flying to death in 1:06

Walking Mannequinn says:

You literally have mastered the game in every way. Swifty strikes again

Some Dude says:

My absolute most favorite suit in the game. This with the air guitar is probably m favorite combo.

John Smith says:

This game is absurdly fun to play and watch under any circumstances because of it’s sheer brilliance, but these videos take things to a whole other level… there’s no other word for it than mesmerising.

Bima Sudiarto says:

So many cool preset moves

The FRO BROZ says:

I see spidey is swinging on the clouds again

Lyninisha 51 says:

Super duper video

Martin Malák says:

You master games !!!!

GameSprout says:

May I have permission to use some of this video in ‘Gamers Are Awesome’?

Михаил зубенка says:


Temauroa Broughton says:

Nice and BRUTAL great stuff

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