Spider-Man PS4: New Gameplay Details – Web Swinging Controls, Combat, Open World | PlayStation 4

Spider-Man PS4 has been detailed as part of a Game Informer cover story, and we picked out the most pertinent details on web swinging, combat, and the open world itself from the preview.

Do check out Game Informer’s coverage for much more: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2018/04/03/may-cover-revealed-spiderman-772336129.aspx

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DarkEchoes says:

My big question is… Will this be even better than Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction? For me that is still the ultimate super hero game. I’ve played and replayed it for the last 12+ years.

Push Square says:

Hey everyone!

Thought I’d share some new details on Spider-Man courtesy of Game Informer magazine. It’s sounding really good!

– Sammy


What about the bosses????

Blag Cog says:

Ubisoft collectathons are only bad when it is boring to go around. It is never boring to go around in spider-man games.

SuperVegitoSSJ2 says:

So no civilian missions like in Spiderman 2? That sucks.

Paul Bowler says:

Really looking forward to this new Spiderman game, looks great!

Flow Master says:

Guys i have a question..maybe it’s a stupid one but i really want to ask! Is the final name of the game Spider-Man Ps4 or just Spider-Man ; I am really confused!
If anyone knows the answer please tell me ,it will be much appreciated!!

Xl_Genetix_ Xl says:


TheGameKnight123 says:

Just a slight correction, you mentioned that you have to collect golden cats.

It’s actually Black Cat figurines to be found

Estados Unidos Mexicanos says:

I love this, I’m getting it, Love the video

Ichi Yamamoto says:

The controls sound a bit daunting to be honest..
I really liked the Amazing Spiderman game, my only gripe with it is the dead city and that after 100% clearance, you are left with nothing to do but swing around and start a new game.

GAME Rs says:

spider man Love!!

Robert Smith says:

Fantastic video and explanation!

Mr Dweet-Dweet says:

If we’re getting suits with special abilities. I wonder if we’ll get the Iron Spider suit with the long mechanical legs to help with climbing and combat

Xl_Genetix_ Xl says:

The game seems extremely well made, from the graphics, to the overall storyline. What makes it even better is the fact that Insomniac Games are partnering with Marvel in order to construct this game. I wonder if the trait-specific suits are going to DLC? If not, what will be the requirements for unlocking them? What kinds of missions are we to expect within the game? Finally, how will this influence future Spiderman Games?

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