Spider-Man PS4: Flawless Combat – Gadget Combos & Epic Gameplay – Vol.4

Welcome back to some more Spider Man. Since I have gotten the combat in this game down, I decided to focus on that for this video. I’m having a lot of fun playing this game and I hope you’re enjoying the videos. Let me know what else you’d like to see soon. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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moneydrips says:

Bro you’re good

Paco Taco says:

It has a different feel without in game music

LEGEND 25 says:

We need more pro gamers like you

Austin Hyde says:

Executions a nice once in a while, should look into it

Nick Davis says:

Spiderman is low key brutal with people

Sumblueguy41 says:

Just curious to what mods were you running with in this vid?

Marie Payan says:

ya know i never thought of connecting the “trip mine” type webs to shields!

GBG says:

I wish my spidey videos to be relevant because, 1 i love the game 2. I try my best to upload everyyyyday! To keep subs happy but nooooo. Youtube wont put me on top search rankings .. hate you UTUBE

Xavier Aviles says:

how many people did you kill?

Mr. Mann says:

Drop a grav bomb and as soon as they all hit the ground, web bomb. I’ve taken out entire crimes without throwing a punch. Obviously not fun all the time but fun(ny) occasionally!

Slikerfy Games says:

Awesome gameplay, love your fighting style and epic moment you did

Mon3yMotivateD1 says:

The way you took the pic of the demon at 5:12 was movie like lol

King D says:

Imagine if Spider-man always move this fast that would be awesome but anyway great gameplay I’m still working on his combo special Etc but it’s even harder when you have it on the hardest difficulty because the enemies are much faster and they do a lot more damage

Isaac Clark says:

Now this is the way you supposed to play a Spider-Man I haven’t seen a video yet and I’ve been looking this is how you play with Spider-Man take notes you young weblinks

Mind Yours says:

Might as well be wearing Venom suit with your tactics of fighting lol

Stalgia says:

You’re like the StealthGamerBR of Spider-Man PS4

mariotaz says:

Check out my cmv on my channel too. I love your stuff here

Cam says:

Damn what you done with that last guy was mean! This feels like what way the symbiote Spider-Man would fight.

Mind Yours says:

Yuri I killed one guy for fun by luring him to the edge of a cliff lol

Classic Man 90 says:

Mastered completely wow.

DeenanTheKemon I says:

“Come ON Guys, Fisk isn’t even here! You couldve just bailed!”

I love how he says realistic stuff like that.

moneydrips says:

Ur good

SKUM skittles says:

Public: I bet that the real spiderman can do better than the moves in the 2018 PS4 game.

Swifty Unknown: Hold my beer…

Chudy Danny says:

What you did to that last guy is not Eric at all. I admire his determination though, he was floating in the air and still screams ‘u gonna have a bad day’

kakarot songoku says:

All the shit you did too the last guy I want his health

Ingala Sacha says:

Spiderman may cry

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