Spider-Man PS4 – Expert Combat Gameplay – Iron Spider Showcase & Free Roam – Vol.5

Welcome back to some more Spider-Man. As you can tell I am a little addicted to this game. I thought I’d show off some more combat because I seem to be getting better at it. This game is very fun so far and I can’t wait to play more. Let me know if you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀


shopping shark says:

This game is freakin awesome…i just cant believe that xbox owners miss out on this action

Pinkguyhere5321 says:

You know what? Your not good at combat


And pretty creative to come up with those moves

Strigers 800 says:

3:51 THIS IS NEW YORK Spider-Man style

C1ammy Piano says:

Love the vids, keep postin them:)

Pinkguyhere5321 says:

Nice move at the beggining i finished and still did not think of doing it!

Chazzie137 says:

You could tell he was feeling really punchy that day.

M. Sauki Hadzami says:

OMG you pro at playing good player im subscribe this channel 🙂

Boum Power says:

Je pourrais jamais avoir un PS4 ma mère aime trop l’argent.

Chakras says:

how do you break the ground like that?

TYNG says:

what’s your favourite suit in the game?

Junior Lindo says:

Damn I jus learned alot

Keylime Vlogs says:

So spider man just out here kill in people by throwing them off buildings now

Ramla Ramla says:

I think u are late for your date

Dapple Dog says:

9:23 Dear god, someone is upset…

Kevin Thompson says:

My guy, I’ve seen alot of footage of this game but you web sling by far the best. The angles you tilt the camera give it extra motion. This is my favorite series of yours btw.

Magnamic says:

“I know I did your job for you but no need to pay me; action is my reward.”
Straight outta the Spider-man song from the 60’s. Classic.

Gshadow1000 says:

I just gotta have dat game!

original mech says:

Sick wall run in between those buildings

Phillip Iniestra says:

How the fuck does kicking people off of roofs a knock out?

Tuna Of The Sea says:

not sure if it’s intentional but i love how you try to mimic the amazing spider man 2 move at 5:21 , it looks faster than the movie but still awesome .

Rishi Sharma says:

Awesome games but they should add fall damage may be through software update coz that will improve the game,s physics

Papa-D Sugar Chillin’ Notorious- E says:

How many orphans do you have to sacrifice to get this good?

Good Looking Moustache says:

Don’t got the game yet so I’m wondering, why is Spider-Man fighting Captain America fans ?

Mind Yours says:

This game would be epic if you could play as Wolverine.

keyshawn AFRO DRAGON KING morrison says:

Love the iron suit

Mato32DX Swag says:

For a PS4 exclusive, this is going to be a good deal.

I’ll buy a Normal PS4, then this game and I’m done.

Also other games too.

Feeling Savage says:

I don’t own this game because I habe an xbox, but it looks fun. However, Arkham Knight’s combat seems more brutal and satisfying.

nupur Rawat says:

Plz do the shadow of tomb raider
When it will release

Brandon Munoz says:

Your combos are aesthetic af

bradford brevard says:

When people say Arkham knight has deeper combat, I’ll show them this

Saira Hussain says:


DarkEyedLex says:

They should add a update where there’s off days. Where like.. on somedays criminals won’t be out

Silverblade79710 says:

Use the stark suit aka homecoming please, thank you and love your vids.

Jonathan Gellin says:

The design of the iron spiderman suit looks just as badass like in movie.

Marguns21 says:

where does his web go???? like when he swings like that? it just goes straight up?

Re3oo HD5450 says:

So spiderman is throwing people of the roof now?

dr.profpopo says:

9:50 , Looks fantastic. Great jump and trick!

M.S.A says:

That’s what I call swinging
quick and smooth

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