Spider-Man PS4: Awesome Free Roam Gameplay – Combat & Stealth Showcase – Vol.1

The wait is over, welcome to Spider-Man. Today I am showing off some of the awesome free roam and traversal this game has. I am still early in the game so this goes to show that the game is great right off the bat. I can’t wait to get more gameplay out for you, let me know if you enjoyed, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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DawnWatch GT says:

Why are all the good games a PS4 exclusive

LaZy Pro Gamer says:

Awesome your so lucky bro

Stephen Sunday says:

We’ve been waiting at least 20 years for a free roaming Spriderman game like this.

Petar Ralev says:

04:42 did the dispatcher say ‘insomniac’??

Sum Peerson says:

you play with them like toys

Ertan Soner says:

Wait this game is released?

Jose Ramirez says:

I feel like Splinter Cell in this suit

Eddi D. says:


TheAlejandro 22 says:

Its ps4 or pro?

نیل شای says:

Swifty you are spidey himself!!!!!

Orion TheGamingRaptor says:

Then you realize this spider man has a pistol on his hip

Walking Mannequinn says:


Azreel hmj says:

You always make a slow paced game look fast. GOOD WORK BRO AND PLEASE KEEP POSTING CUZ I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS.

MrGumbwit says:

Since when did spider man where goggles and all black?

Luiz Carlos Oliveira says:

Like tou vídeo

Wanka Tony says:

They nailed the music and swinging – it makes you feel like a badass!

lynxz _ says:

Why is Niko Belic climbing buildings like that??

Arturo Aragón says:

Man you really need to unlock the Charged Jump, It makes the start of the swinging more spectacular!

Jesse93z says:

spiderman 2 on the ps2 has better swinging.

Brazul Blint says:

I wish you’d use your webs more during combat. It adds some flare to stick enemies to the floor or wall mid fight

WarriorGod Games says:

I was hype a pretty good amount for this game, so I’m glad one of my favorite YouTubers put gameplay of it, ‘pprectiate all you do Swift, keep it up

EmpireZ Creed says:

Awesome vid man I’m loving this game too it’s so fun!!!

ethan hughes says:

Do more of this please

Dmitry says:



i was xbox fan

Konsole Peasant says:

Good stuff


5:31 Yep, That guy’s dead for sure

4K NATION says:

Nice work

Jon 9489007 says:

That was awesome! What was the suit called?

Lonely Stranger says:

They need to add the trench coat to the noir suit

fraziel87 says:

I’m not trying to be a troll, and am perfectly willing to accept I’m just not that good, but the combat just doesn’t feel satisfying to me yet in this game. Like, you’re encouraged to knock enemies into the air, but then there isnt much to do besides mashing square. hope im missing something.

Кирилл Марченко says:

Yeaaah booy

Crimsonferret says:

9:33 ripparino my dudes

Dr Matt Phillips says:

7:59 Why stand in the bus stop, when you could stand _on_ the bus stop?

Ghost Dog says:

Is the combat hard to learn?


Step aside Arkham the king has arrived

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