Spider-Man 2099 – PS4 Combat Gameplay & Free Roaming Showcase – Vol.13

Welcome back to some more Spider-Man PS4. Got lost of requests to keep playing this game, so here it is. I have some more free roam as well as combat gameplay with the Spider-Man 2099 White suit. Hope you guys enjoy the video, can’t wait to play more! Thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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4K NATION says:

Nice gameplay


Your mastery is really fluent and well…swift 🙂

Philll says:

Just your friendly neighborhood Swifty.

Masked Gamer says:

They do call you ‘swift’ for a reason

Stefano stefanel says:

Assassin creed odyssey is best your gameplay

Martin Malák says:

This IS much

DomzzTV says:


Punch Down King says:

The suits everyone picks are so shitty. The futuristic suits look like shit in this game

Wardoctor12 says:

“Live by the best down,die by the beatdown”

Yeah about Spidey being too brutal…

Alex says:

cool gameplay, you’re the master in these kind of combat game/stealth.. that s what i like the most about your vids!!

KRAKEN 0906 says:

Pro gamer ever

Xtra pranks says:

Idk if I should get this or black ops 4 please help me decide

The Ninja Assassin says:

So refreshing without the music. Keep this up!

Gregory Henegar says:

Somebody watch 6:11 and pay attention to what he is attacking;)

jhviglioni says:

*good as always !!!!*

Granny says:

Looks like Ant-Man

Shaun Mitchell says:

More odyssey

B rax says:

*My Favorite Suit*

Last-No̸tch says:

Thank you Swifty, very cool.

VERGUCO18 says:

the same thing that happen in the arkham games, you are too op in combat but moving around the city is fun, i mean enemies could use some fire weapons you know?

shakim crimson says:

nice video

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