South Park: The Fractured But Whole Combat Gameplay Debut – IGN Live: E3 2016

The first look at South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s combat, from Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference.

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Elliott Wright says:

This is amazing the last game was alright with combat but this is amazing

DSL InjusticeU says:

Combo Punches and SHORYUKEN!

Scourge The Hedgehog says:

1:19 consecutive normal punches

DeM says:

Best thing of E3 so far

Zion Butler says:


Erika G9nto says:

I think Trent Boyett is going to be a boss

You Suck says:

Douchebag should be in south park the fractured but whole

Tom Jackson says:

I like to have an Xbox One

Keeta Amor says:

Now this is worth a pre-order!

Karlos1234ify says:


Ruairí Tiernan says:

Kinda miss turn based but I think a fire emblem style will do!

Ahmpire says:

Haven’t watched South Park since ’09. This game looks really dope though.

Tony Berrigan says:

did they say a release date?

Hasani Smith says:

lol damn butters

dtwilight73 says:

9.5 on GameSpot confirmed?

rebal180 says:

I was hoping the gameplay would be like this.

junior amapanqui effio says:

ora, ora, ora, ora!!! xD! and the end

Yo E Crz Bro says:

1:02 If I can fart like that

lucky hikaru says:

Wait so we can fight randy now?

Plus we’re are the bosses and
Does any one else think yet again some how the other team like stan and the rest will be bosses if UR on cart and side and if u were on stand side u have to fight cartman like they did with Kyle and cartman plus do be get to fight mecha girl I forgot her name and katulu forgot how u spell his name

Tidus Zanarkand says:

they added some final fantasy tactics elements to the gameplay wich is a great aidea. i also hope i get to beat the sh*t out of kanye west that would probably make it the best game ever made.

Ewan Bright says:

Hahaha ‘It’s like Ghost Recon’

Mr. Bohimia says:

0:42 yveltal use oblivion wing!

Mady Hines says:

is this for PS3?

ChrisCa1601 says:

Dude, shut up and take my money!

Eddie Emilee says:

So do get to make our own character?

Cbcguy says:


Thecuboneninja 11 says:

0:28 Tweek is zapdos from Pokemon

Tweek is zapdos confirmed

Cloud Black says:

South park is already GOTY.

ralph wiggum says:

loved the first one but my only problem is that its way to short of a game if this was around 15-20 hours story I’ll glady buy day one again

Nate Landherr says:

I was hoping that it’d be an X-Men style beat em up

Nerdosoidexd says:

will there be character creation too?

purepower777 says:

Probably the only Ubisoft game where there’s no downgrades

chicken bruhs says:

Omg this looks amazing I need it

cjs1916 says:


Hame Kharpuri says:

The dragonborn shall rise once again.

TheUltimateRiku says:


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