Sly Gameplay – The Last Of Us Aggressive Combat/Action Compilation Vol. 6

Joel laying out his brutality on his foes and it ain’t pretty…..


Carolyn Taylor says:

damn that little girl sure curses alot

thedudetheycallhimjerk says:

1:02 daaaammn

The Spine Lizard ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ says:

Man, i love this game.

memes crazy says:


Eduardo Jaña says:

Play 4?

Angry Facebook Emoji says:

When sun is too dark so you open your flashlight

dazzaburger says:

This game is 5 years old and it looks and feels better than most games today


Time fool is better

Andi Pacquet says:

I love the sound of the chunks of flesh exploding, so satisfying!

Calu Gamer says:

Esta super cooooollll

Andrey Teslenko says:


Cool Dude says:

1:02 what happens if you don’t kill the beggers

Thanh Nhàn Lê says:

Shotgun are the best!

shopping shark says:


yun noah says:

The thumbnail tho lmao it looks like they are having S&M play wtf

Рептилия из Муртал Камбата says:

8:34 wow, it is so brutal…

Foxtrot Gaming says:

4:52 LMAO

Rahjii The Wendigo says:

no mercy

ded inside says:

“Hey, chicken shit!*
Throws a brick at him*
The guy has a fucking spasm attack*

ded inside says:

*people shooting at Joel
*Joel continues to shoot at a dead body*

Cassiano Barcellos says:

1:00 Fuck, this game is amazing.

Andi Pacquet says:

I find the sounds of the chunks of meat being exploded by a shotgun, or a nail bomb so satisying …

Mik says:

01:24 *_To Be Continued_*

Neo2266 says:

You know Joel should be seriously deaf at this point

Dumb Honk says:

Haha killem all

XxxkrystalXxx says:

How do you die on normal!?!

Anthony Dixon says:


Warren Leftridge says:

Can’t wait to see the school Red Dead Redemption hello from October 26th 2018

Jovan Kolev says:


alexloq44 says:

_The pizza is aggressive_

mr What it iss says:

I finished the last of us on grounded without using any weapons including bow as joel this isn’t impressive

fabien Gamology says:


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Johnny Bravo says:

The Perfect Game

ᑌsεяσηεғαg YT says:

2:58 did anyone noticed he became white???

Justin Perry says:

Had no idea you could do that at 1:01

Tragik 11 says:

Eso esta en fácil.

GOKU 666 scorpion says:

Que violento denuncienlo

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