Sly Gameplay – Assassin’s Creed 2/Brotherhood Swordplay Action/Combat Compilation Vol.2

I’ve been playing the crap out of this Ezio Trilogy and I couldn’t help but make a compilation of some of the brutal sword fights and takedowns in AC2 and Brotherhood. ENJOY!


snnake santiago cruz cortes says:

4:41,6:31 oss pero q muerte me la Tengo que aprender xd

Put Use says:

I hate how ezio looks so clunky with all that armor

GingerNinja1205 says:

This is almost good graphics as unity

Kohler Delta says:


MacheteTalk Studios says:

When Ezio Auditore is just sick of templars In BrotherHood so he just kills EVERYONE slowly

Aji Febriyanto says:

3:15 poor woman.. Ezio killed her just because she’s glitching..

SkyFox 14 says:


Yunus Emre Gülle says:

4:40 best scene 😀 😀

Bruno Berlin says:

San l michael de asesino

Dominic Nhem says:

I miss this type of combat in assassins creed Dx

MR. NOM NOM says:

1:50 wiggle wiggle wiggle

Solo in aeternum Odium says:

They need to remake these games like they did resident evil 2 I grew up on these and it would be extremely awesome

Darth Vader says:

One Of The Best Games Ever

Chance Call says:

The animations look ten times more advanced then in recent games…….why they do that

Bailey M says:

Why am I just now seeing kill moves I had never seen before on these games?

Elijah Delozier says:

Damn nostalgia

Lucifer says:

My gooood this makes me wanna buy the PS4 edition

Chatchanun Namwon says:

you miss one combo , i think you never miss but you miss it.

Malic Zarith says:

He got ungodly op after 2. Even Connor would have trouble against him. Edit: Ezio would 1 hit Connor tbh

S V says:

3:16 lol

Ezio Auditore da Firenze says:

3:14 turn down for what

Dr. Peppers Geronimo says:

why is this game so much more brutal than the new one?!

Parallel Dogs & Mobile says:

I only saw brotherhood

remi9Xer says:

What is this
Mortal Kombat

Fruit Juice Gaming says:

I finished Brotherhood so I would just attack guards for no reason and start BIG fights and have assassins join me to take out the crowd.

Dillon Nolan says:

8:20 eszio thug life

Luigi Thebaud says:

Watching these kills and I can honestly say that AC unity fighting style is a huge step back

Ricardo Gamiz says:

The combat is shit , the enemies are waiting for his turn to hit ezio

Darth Vader says:

Miss The Old Assassin’s Creeds

Marc Little Dong says:

he gets better with age

Joseph Mainville says:

I just love it how they wait their turn to die or for you to kill their comrade to get their turn

Berosar says:

that ending

3rd Street AVolitionite says:

Ezio slaughters Borgia guards like I slaughter a plate of pasta. Lol

KopyKatH20 says:

4:40 is the most brutal IMO

nonwasni yt says:

ja mam assasin creed

Italy :3 says:

3:42 when you think about it, its very sad.

Zachary Cage says:

I love the unarmed take down at 0:27 I wanna take someone down like that (^-^)

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