Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Martial Arts Fight Club Gameplay With Bruce Lee Outfit

Just another Martial Arts Fight Club Gameplay wearing a Bruce Lee Outfit


One THICC Spaghet Boi says:

Here before 1k

Ali Bhatti says:


ice cream yum says:

switch one guys:)

Jacob Finney says:

From what I gathered. Bruce would smoke em until they ran away. In this instance he shows the utmost supremacy like he would in a normal fashion. It’s a shame a great martial arts legend had to pass early. I’m just glad he showed the true ways of his teachings. And for those who want to know the true origins, watch the IP man movies. You’ll know where his speed and discipline.

Gabriel Mukhia says:

Trust me this game is sick..

Owen5oh says:

I was always more keen to the drunken master outfit, it gave you the drunken fist technique which always looks dope. It also reminds me of the first time I played as Bo Rai Cho in MK many many years ago

Emeka Adibe says:

The game was fun on xbox 360.

TheHuntingParty _ says:

Imagine someone calling you for a fight with that dress!

Captain Ironic says:

This is what gta 6 needs

Arthur Henrique says:

Wtf amazing game, remmember me of def jam from ps2

Maxi_LP says:

This game and Yakuza are sooo underrated 🙁

God Himself. says:

It’s like a nerfed Yakuza game, combat isn’t as deep and as skill based but Sleeping Dogs is still fun none the less.

edvin97ful says:

I wish this suit gave you some special abilities, like change your fighting style or something.

Топ Песни says:

Good game i like

SuperDuty Zack says:

Wish GTA had these fighting mechanics


This game is


The fighting in this game was the most amazing ever experience. U actually feel like Bruce Lee once you have the fluidness in your fingers to get the combo’s and blocking perfect… I’m buying this back tomorrow.

ElCarniceroHD 69 says:

Gta chino

Marcelo Henrique M. M Rezende Silva says:


Beastgame8 says:

Sleeping dogs is like mixture of martial arts and parkour together= sleeping dogs

ETD ETD says:

they need to make another the warriors game like this just saying..

Ropeless Bungee Jumping says:

Love this game we really need sleeping dogs 2

Next Ed Reed says:

I love fighting in the MMA outfit lol

Stef Dude says:

5:40 😀

Mike Richardson says:

2:00 I was waiting for you to toss him over the railing lol

Journey95 Far says:

Underrated af game..hate how Square enix shut down the sequel so there will never be a sequel…ugh

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