sleeping dogs – COMBAT GAMEPLAY


lycantrophy024 says:

what was that in 1:13 fast punch to the gut Bruce lee style m/ can i know the button to do that . pls? Thanks appreciate it  alot

GeT_RekT-CSGO says:

worst copy of gta ever

Ian Huang says:

It’s not Muay Thai or Taekwondo , It’s Chinese Kung-fu.

Dankest Guy says:

My most favorite game EVER

Dacia Pierre says:

I remember my first time playing as a cop in this game.
in 2014

Ансар Дюсембаев says:

like you did in the reception 21

Butch Brisco says:

the fighting in this game is just too much fun

Insanity says:

This game is way better than gta 4 who agrees?

joah 2006 says:

play assassin’s creed

kshitij shekhar says:

1:56 I still don’t get why the fuck would wei poke someone in the effing armpits

TheEndKing says:

You control a Bruce Lee cop, but you don’t get nunchucks?

Kelton Thug life says:

hi nin thi not bad

bergenheis says:

I remember pretending to be a pizza delivery guy in this game, beating up customers who didn’t pay. Good times.

shipa oishi says:

how do i do the move at 1:12 ?

Jeffrey Walker says:

It better then gta because of this

Richard Swift says:

If you are armed with a gun on the xbox you press both A and X at the same time ( the buttons to execute a flying kick) and it will perform this move in slo mo. not sure how it works in real time.

Gunkshot says:

4:00 that was so cool

joah 2006 says:

so cool

kenjidaniel domingo says:

I hope in gta 6 there will be new fighting system

scorpion 3983 says:

sorry to crash the party but it’s not gonna be gta6 but red dead redemption 2

Kemlang Lemang says:

what the style this guy? i think muay thai and taekwondo

Nguyen Anh Duc says:

it like when your com not high enough to play MKX and you found this game….

Med Samsung says:

0:20 how do you do that..

Sinan Soyalıç says:

I wish there is no red flash while opponent attacks and no much hints. This way fighter focus on just intense fight. I tried to turn off red flashing in game files but not able to find.

RushInNinja says:

Finally put an end to the madness Lol

NightLordq says:

Arkham Knight has way better combat, its silky smooth and streamlined.

samuel chan says:

heintsi89 says:

Damn. Now i really, really regret selling my copy of this game… Gotta buy it back from store, hope they still have it :D.



I Am Wolf says:

one of the best fighting style games I’ve played, only thing i didn’t like was the short story but it was still great.

nguyen nguyen says:

thanh you .

Metal Scorpian says:

I hope that a sequel for this game comes out soon

PRECHA Chanel says:

tonyja tomyumgoong

kshitij shekhar says:

1:01 u get the suit when you finish the main story of the game

DiegoNicolás R.R says:

nice fighting moves

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