Slay the Spire Gameplay Impressions! – Card Based Roguelike Combat!

Slay the Spire Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Slay the Spire and check out a rad little card game where the player tries to dive as deep into a dungeon as possible using only his massive throbbing deck.

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RandomPerson says:

This was painfully funny to watch and just laugh at Splat’s card skills.

starpig says:

another episode of this plz =D

Air Run says:

Nice find Splatt….would like some story to flesh out…more immersion.

KageRyuuUji says:

Shoulda just soaked the 16 rather than lowering your max given that you heal after every fight.

AAIpsissimus says:

Yeah, Splat please focus more on the game itself and read whatever pops out on the screen – the amount of mistakes done here is disturbing. Other than that, keep it up man, great work!

LV427 says:

No pommel throwing attack?

NefariousKoel says:

Very much like the game “Monster Slayers”.

Although I hope there is more variety in the exploration & what you can find.

jojkoful says:

Ironcald reminds me a bit of Griffith from Berserk

quizzlie says:

I wonder if anyone else noticed Splat’s mistakes.
*reads comments*
Oh… oh dear.

Yottos Horgon says:

Meh, I enjoyed it.

jtc120880 says:

Actually the reason you would discard cards would be to minimize the punk cards in your deck, and keep the good stuff – standard deck building mechanic. You don’t want you basic strikes and defends – you want your good cards. The less filler crap cards you keep, the more often you draw your winners

vofenn says:

looks really fun actually!

gruntmaster1 says:

I wonder when splat realizes that the hand gets discarded when the turn ends. Also so many times you used clash and then ended while having one energy left >_<

Lammert Miedema says:


Wrath Kim says:


Niko Schiff says:

love it…pls make this a series!! xD

Ydyp Ieva says:

Interresting game, would have been a lore better though if the cards would trigger an animation instead of just the wiggle.

slashes22 says:

Love you, Splat… but your control game is weak AF. Keep it up the good videos

Michael Ferguson says:

I also adore card games, but I enjoy watching Splattercat play them even more.

dyslxeic says:

Thinning your deck to just the best cards might be more useful than fattening up your deck

Jeremy Stone says:

play more. please?

Or as Yoda would say “of this, you must play more.”

Simon R says:

Cool! Another interesting single player card game 😀
More of this please Splatt.

Baba Nam Kevalam says:

Mmmm… this remember me of a good game called Monster Slayers, with many classes and tactics to go.And the game keeps growing with free “dlc”. A Must if you enjoy single card games.

Clayton L says:

The amount of time he used clash but didn’t use his last bit of energy bothered me to no end. I’m dying, great video.

Tyler Bunker says:

You played a mono red deck in mtg huh splat? Lol

TheMightyChase says:

Splat. I dont know if you remember me, I pop in on streams sometimes. Ive been watching you for a while now. Youre pretty much the only YouTuber I watch anymore. You have a great personality and youre singing is great for sure. I appreciate that even through youve been through some rough times, that you still stay dedicated to your work. I know im not the only one that thinks that either. Keep it up man.

Max Payne says:

the miss use of your energy bothers me greatly.

zerokura says:

another great game watching you play making me want to just rush to steam and throw my money at it. does the game tell you how to unlock the other chrs or is that an update for later? it showed 2 other decks you can be.

Klmp13 says:

so it uses a similar basic concept as monster slayers. Sweeet~ I love that game and now i can’t wait to play this one as well

汪伟 says:

more please

Tyler Davis says:

A pommel strike? It’s time to end him rightly.

bloody00resurection says:

would like more of this, or dwarf corp!

ZombieProdigy0 says:

I miss his when he did actual series. Instead of just one video per game.

reds8787 says:

series plz

Exzo Bree says:

Extra T H I C C

x Farry says: check this out Splat, its free and its good

Pudding says:

Omfg I can’t keep watching this. The amount of times you contadicted yourself and then played the wong card is fustating af! Fuck this seies would drive me crazy xD love ya thou.

Sergio Pietra says:

First time that I see this game, yet I can say he played very sloppily. No strategy, almost no attention to sinergy, lots of unspent energy, didn’t use any potion (at least to see what they do).

chemicalvamp says:

Splats I can’t believe you didn’t toke, I mean given the choice I would have thought you would have chosen to toke. 🙂

199022009 says:

More of this please 😀

williamsmario54 says:

How do you get an early access key

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