Skull & Bones Combat Gameplay (E3 2018 Gameplay)

Here are some shots from my gameplay of Skull & Bones, the new Pirate game coming from Ubisoft!

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Hello World says:

i aint tappin shit but some ass !

Spencer Coles says:

Completely unrelated, but you should definitely check out cuisine royale when you get the chance. It was originally made to be a meme, but the game is actually quite good, especially with it still only being 2 days in early access.

Buckeyefan31x Go Bucks! says:

I like how the ships dont take any visual damage , that’s lame. With all those rockets and cannons, those ships should splint in half, sails catch fire, wooden structures fall and break apart. Nothing happens it looks like besides the health bars going down. I’ll pass

Will Thrill says:

Looks too repetitive. Just fire everything you have, sink, repeat.

Jusonn99 says:

The ship destruction could be better looking

Jake Silvester says:

Is this co-op?

Starlesslemon says:

An uglier Sea of Thieves

Huntii says:

that repair ability is OP

Mahmoud Galal says:

online multiplayer ?

pikkuhakki2 says:

The ship combat seems fun, but it won’t be enough without the ability to get off the ship, to board orher ships and discover the islands on foot.

John Paul says:

Does anyone else think it’s a bit too similar to Assassins Creed BF

Jeremy Lim says:

looks a lot like a better version of black flag with a cinematic replacing boarding a ship

A. Wilson says:

Visually stunning.
It was a bit jarring watching the cannons fire at bizarre angles, rounds exiting at 45 degrees to the muzzle.
Looks repetitive as fuck.
The audio ques need some variation and the cannons need more bass (although this might be a result of the recording?).
Need to know more about other elements of the game, or is this it?

Paciencia 095 says:


D4ad_Capsule #635 says:


Kai Elde says:

Good ye sea of thieves, cant wait for you to die.


Wow assassins creed black flag two looks great

Blazs120gl says:

Looks like a nice retro WoWS. Taking a quick look on the website and the video, multiplayer is not mentioned. O_o A living open ocean. Ok, but is there really something worth to grind for and explore (e.g. single player story)? Let’s hope game mechanics will not be too repetitve after some hours of gameplay. Otherwise very atmospheric, I could watch this all day as a TV screensaver. 🙂
EDIT: the cannon gun funnel makes targeting too easy. It could be more static to motivate the player to learn how to cannon.

Giliver says:

I would have strongly preferred multi crew ships, single player ships turn me off.

That’s one thing sea of thieves did grrat, I’d solely hunt players for hours on end in that game…. Well there’s no much else to do honestly. Lol

GZcoo says:

The Idea and look is good but gameplay looks kinda boring and repetitive

Kitsune legend says:

I’m rather confused as to what this game actually is… is it pure pvp multiplayer? A multiplayer open world exploration game like Sea of Thieves? Single player like Black Flag? Like… the combat looks decent, but if this is all there is, it’ll be a massive disappointment and become extremely repetitive very quickly…

Insanitypepper says:

This looks like the game that Abstergo made after the end of Black Flag. Dialogue gets a little repetitive but that’s my only issue. I noticed that it gave the name and info of the ship that killed you at the end. Does that mean it will have a nemesis system like shadow of Mordor?

RAGER zx10r says:

BIGFRY just want to say your content is by far one of the best on YouTube. Thank you for your efforts and most importantly, thank you for your brutal honesty mate.

Moses Rose says:

This is a real pirate game. Sea of Thieves is complete shit.

Marcus Johansen says:

Why are people comparing this to SoT? This has assasins creed black flag all it..

Indskab says:

is there a land combat?

Antonio White says:


TheDudeofDudes says:

Those motherfuckers can road some cannons…


can you get off the ship ?

Priest says:

that’s the same shit Assassin’s IV Blackflag already had, i’m not impressed by it at all, its barely a retexture of it.

Bob Ross says:

god’s speed mr. mercy

Darko says:

This is what happens when you only publish and develop assasins creed games , This Retarded Black flag failure.

Kyle Mackay says:

It’s just the ship combat from AC…boarding looks like a huge missed opportunity. Game looks extremely lazy gameplay wise. Nothing looks changed at all from AC. Oh look, loot chests…greeeeaaaaaat. Fuck this game.

VelociFaptor says:

Looks like Black Flag except _everything_ interesting has been ripped out. No thanks, I’ll just go play my ~6 year old game.

JustJordan says:

Can someone tell me how pirates had rockets?

Starlesslemon says:

“World of Thief-ships”

Post Tenebras Lux says:

Black Flag looks so much better in my opinion.
Not sure if we actually need this.
They even ripped-off the Quartermaster…

Edid: It appears that I forgot to compliment you about your content.
It’s asolutely awesome, just keep it rolling man, thumbs up.

Levdar The Psycho says:


Mr420QuIcKsCoPs says:

Looks good and all, but watching that front cannon just blast off shot after shot while the guy who should be loading it is literally cowering against the noise as this medieval magic machine gun pounds his beliefs

AloxxaS says:

This is very similar to AC: Black Flag… pretty much the same mechanics.

googlewolly says:

looks like this would get very boring very fast. you can’t get off the boats (I think), and when you board a ship, it’s a fuckin cinematic. I’d rather play No Man’s Sea

Starlesslemon says:

“Sea of Warships”

Blake Robson says:

they gotta slow down the combat- i never knew of gunners on meth to reload every 3 seconds

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