Shadow Warrior 2 Walkthrough #9, Chi-Ters – INSANE COMBAT GAMEPLAY! (Stealth Bomber Starter Build)

This is part of a REAL walkthrough of the first person shooter video game, Shadow Warrior 2. Complete strategies, tips, tricks and smart gameplay to beat the game on Hard difficulty (Who Wants Wang).

Make sure your seat belts are buckled and your tray table is in the upright locked position because this video is going to take you on an INSANE ACTION-PACKED COMBAT rollercoaster ride.

Shadow Warrior 2 was released for PC on October 13, 2016 and will be released soon for PS4 and XboxOne. This game is a role-playing shooter very similar to Borderlands in that it is a first-person shooter with role-playing elements. Players have over 70 weapons to choose from and hundreds of weapon upgrades which can be applied to change how weapons function.

There is a leveling system where, during gameplay, players are awarded XP which accumulates allowing you to level up, earn ‘skill points’ and apply those skill points to various bonuses and special powers. In this manner, players can create a personalized character build similar to that of role-playing games.

Currently, Shadow Warrior 2 is available on Steam and on (I recommend the latter).

Shadow Warrior 2 features rampant in-your-face gameplay and insanely funny dialogue. Also features co-op multiplayer gaming. One of the best shooters I’ve played in a while. I personally enjoyed it more than the recent remake of DOOM. Quality game engine, intuitive menus, fairly bug-free campaign (only one glitch in my entire first playthrough). I highly recommend this game.

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Alex says:

360p quality Slack?

Mark Mamola says:

The usual suspects is such a great movie and I love when video games reference stuff like that, good game we got here boys

branchcore says:

can’t wait til you do prey Major, everyone is running around like a blind horny dog humping pillows. I’m enjoying these very much though!

jjdubuyou1976 says:

Usual Suspects! Blew my mind the first time.

Abe Ridha says:

slack vs army of enemies… slack wins without a scratch 🙂

troygly says:

Oh goody got to watch to see who is going to get shot or jabbed in the face

Kingdomknight90 says:

I’m first… no for the army!

riverside blues07 says:

It has the fast pace of DOOM but with the fun and silliness of Borderlands. That and normal on DOOM was hard. Normal here is normal.

ABABGMaN says:

Where do the monsters go after you stealth bomb them? EVERYWHERE!!!
Great video, Sir!

bladerex1224 says:

… Isn’t that the guy from “The usual Suspects?”

yoochoobb says:

Fighting “the usual suspects” again, eh? 🙂

jjdubuyou1976 says:

Hey Slack, the new logo looks great!

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