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Let’s play Shadow of the Tomb Raider! We head to the jungles of Peru, dive into new combat gameplay, and watch Lara Croft face a deadly predator.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language


Jaqen h'Ghar says:

Same mechanics, animations since 2013, meh doesn’t look great

Morávia says:

boring comentators

rad menegon says:

Where is the water?!!! Is she swimming in the air?

The Amazing Spider-Man says:

Why is it the same Stealth kill animation as Rise Of The Tomb Raider??? She kept doing the same Stealth kill over and over and this game doesn’t look like a 2018 game at all why is it the same graphics engine as Rise??

Federico Maldera says:

Not is gemply tombe raider shadow not Likes gemply

hasan poer says:

In my country home town we dont play 3rd party games

So Sony pleas stop it
Stop it
StOp it

Dont show 3rd party games
Sony do only exclusieve games

Ps: Im from india

PéniszpörkölőVEV0 says:

what is 4k?

Lawrence Paculan says:

Wish they gave more detail to her hair actually looking and staying wet for a while after emerging from the water just as how Nathan Drake’s hair does in Uncharted 4. Also wish they varied her stealth takedowns so it doesn’t look like she has to brutally stab every enemy the same way. Maybe a sleeper/choke hold, anything that doesn’t always have to appear like she killed someone, maybe at least give the option not to always kill her enemy like in metal gear. Lara is way too sadistic in this. Also the jaguar’s attack behavior is pretty much a recycling of the wolves. A jaguar would just run away and charge, it should constantly be moving forward and attacking. Smh….

zanychelly says:

She had became a serial killer lol

I imagine the feminazis complaints if the enemies were women being butchered, even worse if the serial killer were a male and not Lara.

I will play it either way.

Richard Bebee says:

Dark areas in the environment see to flat with no detail….. Thus cannot be accurate in the daytime jungle

Mario Antonio says:

This looks more like a real jungle than Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy’s nice but cartoon like wilderness. Really rugged and lush with the fauna and flora looking more authentic and dense.

EdhgarHall says:

i dont like it

Martin Drak says:

Exellent super games 🙂

Yellow13 says:

Same thing different setting…and swimming. Mehta I’ll wait for a sale

Aitchtwo O Waters says:

Replayability? Does it exist in this game?

Butter Man Productions says:

This game comes out too close to Spiderman. This will be a Black Friday game for me.

Paul D says:

“she knows what she’s doing” yet forgets her mouth piece for swimming underwater 😛

priyanshu singh says:

Why not make prototype 3

jean bradley says:

I’m an play this when I’m high asf

DG R says:

TR is a great game but with PS is it important to have 7. 5 earthquake on the screen ( look at screen during kills) just fire one time and check

rebecca says:

Whose responsible for the terrible graphics? For being 2018, I expected a lot more instead of stiff movements, outdated graphics, terrible lighting and detail . As a fan, I would rather wait a few more years so they can perfect it, than to waste money on a rushed game.

jorje vanelle says:

an ppl complain about graphics , are u blind folks ? it looks insane

R.a.w Wood says:

Try harder


WOAH , Lara can levitate on air now

who dat who dat who dat says:

No effects underwater? No wet clothes?

Jasper Miguel says:

I miss the Acrobatic/Martial art and dual Pistols and also immersive challenging tomb puzzles…this current tomb raider wannabe is pure Garbage…and I don’t like her personality its not Cool like the original Lara..she’s such a cry baby.

Richard Bebee says:

Body fell through the stage after Lara killed him smh 7:25

Donal Conway says:

Hey What’s up from Ireland Donal Conway here im watching u on my ps4 pro ps4 pro ps4 PlayStation vr rules

peter solana says:

trash ..recycle trash

Basic055 says:

Uncharted fans are hating this game lol

nicg g says:


Hana Yuuko says:

You swim in the other two prequel games :S what craps she spouting

Ashton Roberts says:

Wake me up when they give Lara her dual pistols.

N GUY says:

After Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay, this just feel inferior and the AL are so dumb compare to RDR2.

Michael William says:

Absolutely amazing..I’m definitely buying it On release

Pirate says:

The TressFX hair changes underwater

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