Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay: Combat Gameplay Trailer – Shadow of the Tomb Raider at E3 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider turns Lara into a sort of archaeological Predator and this short combat gameplay trailer shows off some of the new stealth abilities that let her get the drop on heavily armed enemies. Subscribe to Outside Xbox for more from Shadow of the Tomb Raider and E3 2018:

Lara’s new abilities remind us a lot of the Batman Arkham games, as she uses height to her advantage and stalks her enemies. This gameplay trailer also gives us a taste of the atmospheric jungle we’ll be sneaking around in.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider comes out on release date 14 September 2018.

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Will Mills says:

Remember the 2013 game when Lara needed a pep talk from Ross after killing one person. It’s been a while.

Captain Raz says:

That double kill was actually lame

Ajay Singh says:

The graphics are so shit in this one.

Porfirio Hernandez says:

More murder and mayham. Yee Haw!

Haris3122 says:

Finally, a game with a female predator

marbletrouble says:

this is more assassins creed than assassins creed odyssey

Eder Castro says:

Yeap. the body looks resent…

Carpe Mkarzi says:

She’s the goddammned predictor now… how about that next….. Lara v Predator: the last tomb!

Azulian Fox says:

So tomb raider is more assassins creed then assassins creed now…I LOVE IT

__THATGUY says:

She went from Archaeologist to serial murderer real quick in these games and seems to have little compunction about doing so

Martin Daniel Coetzee says:

Lara Croft: Jungle Assassin! Now with less actual raiding of tombs.

Irvine Spiegel says:

I guess gunshots are no reason to raise alarm.

Koolcat1800 says:

My favourite part of the series is stealth killing

K Collier says:

So that scream of joy I heard was Ellen watching this demo or they announced a Kingdoms of Amalur 2…

Levi Coffey says:

“Body here, looks recent”?????????????? When are we going to get to the point of “I just turned around for a second, and now he’s dead!”?

FreePenguin5000 says:

Tomb raider isnt the same game anymore

sjhmagic1 says:

Why has this game turned into assassin’s creed?

MyEldest says:

i’m so unbelievably ready!

deGooder says:

Now we wait for Predator vs Aliens Vs Lara…..

The Clot Thickens says:

She’s straight-up Rambo nowadays.

taste the rainbow says:

Predator vibes
Love it!

gilagle says:

Damn, the only thing she’ll be raiding is their limp and lifeless body…

DorjeDriftwood says:

Wish the ai had developed a bit more still dumb as a brick. Body here looks fresh… you mean your hacker pall joe that you were staring right at literally three seconds ago. Why can’t the developers record seperate names and make the people feel a little less lobotomized. Can’t I hear “omg Somebody shot joe”. Other than I’m glad to be back in the murder business with miss Lara.

callmewisdom says:

This game should not have been a Tomb Raider entry from the looks of it.

oldspice051 says:

Go buff Lara!

Agrenost says:

Sam fisher looking sexy AF

Spideog of Highgate says:

This is the only saving grace of E3 so far. E3 is bombing this year.

zo5N1P3Zoz 2 says:

I have no doubt the game will be good but damn the A.I is stupid, “You take point” second guy that just got told to take point “lead the way…

oberstul says:

Remember when all Lara did was solve puzzles and kill bats, T-rexes and mafioso? Pepperidge Farm remembers!

Hay Zay says:

I love Lara. She’s such a badass

Captain Raz says:

“Body here, looks recent”
Good lord, HE WAS JUST TALKING TO YOU RIGHT NOW. normally enemies react more in those cases

Shibby Li Cious says:

>Talks to a guy
>turns around to look into the night or something
>turns around again
>guy he talked to is now dead, arrow in the head
>”body here. looks recent”

basically what happens when all enemies look the same and you can’t be sure whether the guy you just talked to has disappeared and left a similar looking corpse in his place

deathwatch27 says:

Strange when she threw the bottle the soldier walks towards Lara. Lara just jumps from above for a stealth attack stabbing him in the back of the head even though he was facing her????

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