Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Open World, Story & Combat Gameplay Trailer

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Open World, Story & Combat Gameplay Trailer

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Rahul Dev Lenka says:

Is this ninja blade in early days

Adin Hamzanduwitchu says:

No stamina bar???

freedomzah says:

Spiritual successor of Tenchu?

Subject 1992 says:

So… where is the open world?..

Legion Vision says:

Samurai Jack has left the chat…

EVIL1 DEAD2 says:

Y’all the beginning of the video that sound track is soo dark souls

Mukuro says:

I’ve been needing a Ninja Gaiden drug for a while now, this may not be it, but it’s sure as hell close, this will help me until then

Kelvin Martinez says:

Nero and the samurai should work together …

tyward28 says:

Even though the comment section is empty we all know im not first

Joseph Zayas says:

Shinobi death blow= visceral strike

SaxtoN says:

Enemies in this game are terrifying.and they’re fucking huge.

Light50r4 says:

This game is fucking sexy

Chris Macht says:

Can’t wait for it.

Isaiah Gilbert says:

Izuniy is awesome

Wesley VL says:

Is this going to be beter then bloodborne let’s hope sooo

Xavier Peterson says:

Seriously what’s up with Japan and protagonist that lose an arm out for vengeance

aNsWeRkEy02 says:

my body is ready

Adin Hamzanduwitchu says:

No online? I CAN FINALLY PAUSE THE GAME?!?!? Yessssss

Gaming Instinct says:

Im so excited for this game it looks amazing

Nightking 007 says:

Why the graphics so shit though

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