Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Survive and Master Combat

Looking to master Sekiro’s combat? Check out these tips to hopefully help you die a little bit less.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

Sekiro: 8 Things You Need to Know:

The First 16 Minutes of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay (1080p 60fps)

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Randall Schoverling says:

Too difficult for me. I work over 40 hours a week. Just wanna come home and enjoy a game without feeling like I’m still at work.

Brostradamus 11 says:

Someone at IGN who knows how to play a difficult game, impressive

Micah Powers says:

I wish there was an easier difficulty where they just do less damage lol. I’m on the general right after the chained ogre. I am not looking forward to the rest of the game lmao. I doubt I’ll finish it lol

Ajax Khan says:

I just started game and died thrice

SkyHighGam3r says:

Am I the only one? @3:00
and… Dodge

Another Angry NPC says:

I beat the game first try.


TafTabTah says:

I cant even beat the Ogre

Electrex says:

I’m buying this game and playing on the hardest difficulty.

MAKI923 XALID says:

This game is harter then bloodborn or not ?

Daniel Prosser says:

Harder or easier than dark souls?

Ausie Gamer says:

What a beautiful game

BlaCk Heart says:

I’ve finished AC Origins , Titanfall2 ,DMC5 each of them in two days plus the Witcher wild hunt3 Goty (5 days ) but this game!! ,man it is something else.

SixWingedAscension says:

Wouldn’t be bad if the chained ogre didnt turn in mid air to grab/dropkick me off the side of the cliff

Corrado Soprano says:

I can’t decide if I hate this game or love it!

R. Kayn says:

The fact that the most default enemies later on in the game feel like bosses is so fun and frustrating at the same time

Roger says:

why can’t these fuckers just let the player choose the difficulty

Erlisch says:

I do it by actually playing the game 🙂

Lewis Bond says:

Why is there no subtitles? Big company like IGN id of hoped for subtitles, I’m deaf in one in and my other is slowly going as well.

MRxDBT says:

You know you are in hell when you fight the blazing bull

Hazy Bear says:

I started this game over three times…omfg I hate Dragon rot what is the repercussion of it? should I not care how many times I die I am loving this game gonna keep me busy till Doom eternal an POE2 come out.

tubaraon42136 says:

2:15 how to do this?

Evan Filley says:

This is by far the hardest game in the line of Soulsborne titles, but honestly, despite this, I can’t wait to (hopefully) master this combat.

Ronnie Williams says:

Is it me, or is it kind of hard to hear the guy over the background music being too loud? Unfortunately, there’s no CC. But I think I still heard everything and it doesn’t really matter… the game is still hard as, but quite fun.

dddeat-gaming says:

Downloading it now lol need a few tips

BriskillaDaGodzilla says:

Is there different difficulties? This game hard bruh

蔡英文吃特朗普的鸡巴 says:

When I met the first boss, I took 3 times and finally killed him ….. the first life, WTF

Old Man Yemiyam says:

I don’t know how you all are getting pass the mini bosses because I’m still stuck on the white clothed pitched fork spearman after 2 days!!

xDr Evilx says:

I died so much already and only got to my first mini boss wooops. Only like 3 times but yea its tough but fun

Time Traveling Old Man says:

This game is a parry fest. I’m a bit disappointed tbh.

Todd Crawford says:

After a few hours on this game, I don’t have a strong urge to play. The combat overall and its animations aren’t as attractive as I had hoped. Might be putting this game in the massive current-gen failure file.

Ezzy Pierre says:

I wasn’t really gonna ever play dark souls but this game changed my mind for sure.

Jonathan Padron says:

Looks a lot like blood borne in its play style. Ima pick it up soon, just the concept is starting to get really boring

N0mAd basically yeah my nans a creature says:

Does sekiro fit into the soulsborne family?

gobbo88 ___ says:

someone can tell me what are the 2 pink circle over the life? don’t understand yet, thanks:)

Micah says:

I died so much in this game I have dragon rot in real life ffs

Yunior Gamboa says:

Guys what are you thoughts on the game?
I want to try it out like a demo before buying the full game to see if it is worth it.

No one of my friends are getting it

Darin The wanderer says:

Lmao how to Survive is until you learn how to deflect keep running around every enemy like a chicken with its head cut off slicing n running lmao

murphbri says:

I would like to thank Wiki Warlord Brendan for helping me figure out what order to tackle the levels in his walkthrough!

quirin guenther says:

hold block to regain posture much faster

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