Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Essential Combat Tips For Beginners

We’ve been playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – the new action title from Dark Souls developer From Software – and getting to grips with the new combat. Nath breaks down everything you need to know about stealth, the posture system and death blows so you’re ready for the game’s PS4 release on 22nd March.

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Mads Andreasen says:

I have actually always thought a system like the posture here would be perfect for a jedi game. You shouldn’t tank a lightsaber swipe with your healthbar. You block, dodge or you die. This looks so sick, the fights look like hectic dances

The Crazed gamer says:

I’ve never been interested in any of the souls – born games but after seeing this I think I might give it a try.

animejunkie4u says:

How much like Techu is this game it looks a lot like Tenchu with better sword play and i am loving that idea

chchedda says:

Reminds me of tenchu and Nioh. Am I getting this? Bloody right I am!

Никита Ториков says:

Can’t wait to finally play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niko D. says:

the deflect system looks WAY more realistic than Dark Souls´ invulnerability dodge rolls! always felt like a cheap technique..

James says:

Looks like Witcher 3 combat with minor but effective additions

killahyj says:

Reminds me a little of tenchu on ps1. The stealth kill from sneaking up to the enemy on this game is just one animation gets boring after a while.

Akhil Bhargava Ramisetti says:

Will this be 4K on PS4 Pro ?

Benjamin Simmons says:

What is wrong with you people, I just got Devil May Cry 5 and now I’ll have to get this too! Nice video Nathan.

H F GAMING says:

Makes me want to play Tenchu!.. can’t wait to play this!

Shaun Tyson says:

The game hasn’t even come out yet so why are you ruining and spiking footage for everyone ?
How about you keep it hush hush until the game is out

Christian Pavus says:

The AC game we’ve been begging for

Ihate allthethings says:

I wish it wasn’t Japanese lore.

Mary M says:

I haven’t been excited about a game in a long time. This reminds me so much of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. I hope Sekiro has secret combos like Tenchu did.

Aedan Amell says:

Best video about Sekiro

SupaVibraniumGuy says:

I how DMC5 is lookin but This game looks more worth it long term.

Pride Phiri says:

No thank you.

Payton Darnell says:

Should be noted that when you do the stomp attack all of your posture is recovered instantly and it does more posture damage to your oponent than any other single attack can manage

carpetfluff35 says:

I’ve seen quite few people saying they’ve been playing a Souls game to prepare for this arriving, but that’s the worst thing to do. You’ll spend ages re-wiring your brain and muscle-memory because, despite the similarities, this is a very different game from any of them, including Bloodborne.

Dean Thompson says:

This is getting abit old now, the core gameplay is literally the same as Demons souls, Dark souls, Dark souls 2, Dark souls 3 & Bloodborne, you’re just a ninja now.

Giovanni says:

I wasn’t hyped until I watched this video, and now I can hardly wait until the 22nd.
Also, that was awesome gameplay!

MasterTonberry says:

Nath, will you be streaming this when it comes out? Also, can’t wait to see you cover Ni Oh 2 with gameplay videos.

Michael Roake says:

Remastered tenchu stealth assassin

evirobtion says:

Tenchu and Bloodborne are 2 of my favourite games ever. So excited to play this.

ayy lmaao says:

Essential combat tips for beginners
Play Soulsborne first

Troy Graves says:

Reminds me of tenchu.

Conrado Ramos says:

Damn this game is really making me miss Tenchu…. Take my money!!!

ExpiredPants says:

Nice vid will probably buy this game now.

Dhashen Naidu says:

Playing DS3 right now just to get a feel of how different this game feels when it comes out.

Rufuz Mitchell says:

Man, there’s so much Tenchu shining through to this game i kinda wished they did a sequel for BloodBorne and made Sekiro the Tenchu game it started out as. Hearing that this game is even harder than the Soulsbornes before it makes me want to not even bother with it..(oh who am i kidding, I’ll pick this up day one probably)

Gabriel Araujo says:

Sound is so low i barely can hear on max!

LP RobloxHD says:

What button do you press to parry on ps4?

JESSROCKED Channel says:

OK. after watching this, i became a sure taker of this game.

Darsh Jalan says:

Nathan has a really calm voice. Also really detailed breakdown. Increased my interest in the game

shoulders777 says:

The hype for this game… Off the scale!

shirobator says:

people act like tenchu senran never existed and wasn’t developed by from software

Psychotic Gengar says:

Really glad there is a hefty amount of stealth. I’m glad they’ve managed to create a spiritual successor to tenchu without forcing it to be tenchu and whilst keeping it a great FromSoftware action game

TheJohnkol says:

What about the big sword on his back if its used only for executions I will be a bit disappointed


I’ve plat’d dark souls 3 and have about 4 level 155 missions left on nioh, then I’ll try this. I can’t imagine it being harder than the last few multiple boss missions in nioh.

TheAlaskanStag says:

I can’t wait to master the combat in this game. It’s going to look, sound, and feel so cool.

Wildfire says:

I want to see Rob playing this on day 1 and getting furious.

If there aren’t videos of Rob whinging about how it’s too difficult on release day, I’ll be salty.

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