Rise of the Tomb Raider combat gameplay

We’ve got a little more than eight minutes of combat gameplay direct from Rise of the Tomb Raider you don’t want to miss.

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Yehudi Lara says:

Muy malo se parece mucho al primer juego de esta nueva Lara , animaciones iguales , no tiene sombra, gráficas pobres, debería ser un juego nuevo en muchos aspectos pero parece más un dlc

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Rise of the Tomb Raider? More like Recylce of the Tomb Raider, IMO.

Long Johnathan says:

still nothing compared to the classic tomb raiders, all this game is, is a game borrowing tons of elements from other games like uncharted, splinter cell, Tlou, and barely has any elements that the great tomb raiders had, and i guarantee just like the last tomb raider you’ll be able to complete it with 100% achievements within 1 week

Stephen Staver says:

I can already see the Polygon review being 5/10

Shanthini Mahendran says:

Whoever is playing could be better but I understand there no wasn’t enough time to showcase the full area so we don’t see the full scope this section. Still, awesome gameplay though. Such a beautiful game. Can’t wait to play this.

Lara Croft Forever. says:

we dont want bows and arrows ,we want dual pistols.

tinyairplane says:

What happened to her dual wield pistols I remember?

Nguyen Vy says:

such a bad acher -_-

infamouskong says:

Why does this game look like it should be part of the season pass for the previous tomb raider. Judging by the video, there doesn’t seem like there was anything new added. From the animations to the A.I., everything looks the same.

uncertainty principle says:

2006 wants its gameplay back …-_- meh

FraudulentZodiac says:

This just looks mediocre. Ah well, I’ll pick it up when it inevitably ends up at £20.

Jamie Curtis says:

This is basically The Last Of Us

mgkpraesi says:

This Aiming…omg…

Ifhe says:

looks like hitman absolution :v

Kaffi O says:

Are the graphics really bad or is my resolution really low. Also “bows and arrows, lara croft trademark”….are you fucking kidding? What happened to dual pistols.

Zack Fair says:

Is this gameplay on 360?

Vergilus says:

She still has the stupid stealth kills.

Gentlemen Z says:

Oh good they fixed the stealth.

bsw bsw says:

Is this Last of Us 2?

NeutralGuyDoubleZero says:

Nice to see that they have actual flame effects instead of a low quality gif.

freddywayne says:

Why is he talking so much during this gameplay video?? STOP!

gooberweevil says:

even if it’s more of the same i’m super excited. The last tomb raider game was great and i wasn’t a fan of the series before that.

Maligno FM says:

so many salty bitches

Yaser Alshaikh says:

ارررحبي يالبوابة

Cotygeek says:

I want to see this game live up to its title. I want to see Lara emerge from this game as the dual wielding, devil may care character that we know and love. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the original series. It doesn’t have to be so ridiculously over the top. She doesn’t have to be a two dimensional character. But at least somewhat of a resemblance to the original would be great. To not have her become more like the classic depiction of the character would just feel wrong.

NSDilly says:

Not going to buy this. Basically Tomb Raider 2013 with a new map pack lmao.

TheLionheartist says:

The stupid AI who dont hear their comrads die next to them, and have the aim of a storm trooper ruins if for me…

MarinoKadame1 says:

Feels really similar to Tomb Raider 2013.

selectfighter says:

I see that area at around 3:00 way too similar to an area in the 2013 reboot. It’s probably just me, but it looks like that war bunker or something idk.

Ayser C says:

Lol @ the dislikes.. We all know it’s you PS4 and PC fanbitches.

Samuel Torres says:

Anyone else find that the previous one looked nicer? The melting snow is conceptually great, but it just looks like a fuzzy distraction. I really don’t feel connected to this at all 🙁

Charles Müller says:

Wise of the Tumb Waida

Santiago Vásquez Gómez says:

WTF? Why so much hate?

Your whinning is so loud that it can be confused with envy.

Long Johnathan says:

3:10 her trademark is dual handguns….

Jesus Christ says:

Can’t wait for the ps4 release.

Craziestout says:

For those who need glasses: The graphics are looking pretty spectacular in motion over all. The problem is the Image Quality in that build.

I say this as someone who got close to 0 interest in a XBO…

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