Rigs Mechanized Combat League Project Morpheus Gameplay | PlayStationVR

Rigs Mechanized Combat League is a Project Morpheus game developed by Guerilla Cambridge. Here’s some gameplay!
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pac213344 says:

You can see lag between the movement of the head and in game. I hope they can fix that with more time..

Cryengine_X says:

get use to these crappy graphics on morpheous games. ps4 doesn’t have enough power to do vr.

Silentgunner555 says:

Infinite Stratos anyone?

Sogeking Unleashed says:

Ok i see stuff already they need to fix.

1. Beeing able to turn around (in Vr) and continue forward with your robot
(Thats how you check your mates around you while rushing forward)

2. Speed up the gun aim with VR so it goes faster.

3. Speed up the overall feel of the game (it feels like through this vide, it goes so slow?)

Alejandro Olazabal says:


True Purple says:

Immortal grand prix version 1 o_0

Mesa Sean says:

Was Jeroen there? He’s the man!

heymelon says:

Is it really running on a ps4 though?


The turning with the head just kills this.. It would take away from being immersed. I would much rather just have my view be opposite.

Dan S says:

MAY-LAY, not “melay”

fucking christ

Damion Lawson says:

Looking forward to this the most. Ans hopefully no mans sky

spidersilva147 says:

Neck cramps and red eyes awaits!!!

I'm on some shit says:

give me a sword and a jetpack and I will go gundam in this bitch

Proxy Payload says:

You need to stop putting a full stop in your sentences with such focus. It is really annoying 🙁 “Doopa doopa doo, doopa doopa DA!”

BrendenMicheal JefferyJordanRyan says:

No one gonna mention the delay between him moving his head and it showing up on screen

Ashley Garcia says:

Not gonna lie, this game wasnt interesting me at all. *BUT*, the more i see gameplay of this, the more i’m interesting about it. Probably not gonna get it, since FPS isnt my thing, but i def will try it out.

marc cress says:

Great video. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Isaiahtjee says:

Going to pretend I’m piloting a gundam when this comes out

deniz carta says:

norhing compares to the possibilitys in vive

calymama says:

I pre ordered this with my vr hope it’s good ? can’t have vr without some robots blowing the shit out of each other !!!! 😀

SavingPvt_Highon says:

It seems like you can’t look down very far. I wanna see my mechs body and feet. Got the bundle preordered can’t wait

EonHSD says:

just pre-ordered my PSVR.
I really hope there will be at least one or two VR AAA titles in 2016

stupidstuffpplsay says:

Movement is pretty silly they should just keep it traditional using the sticks, no telling the effects this thing will have on your eyes now you gotta worry about dizziness & moving your head back & forth like that for hours gonna get annoying pretty quick.

TheeOk1 says:

When it comes to VR as a game industry, I am extremely hesitant towards it. This comment isn’t to rag toward VR nor say how “shitty it’s definitely going to be”, but instead stating my hopes for this industry: That I hope will grow as big as I want to see it grow. Saying this, doesn’t anyone else see this game as one of the VR jewels? One of the games that will grab other players attention. Honestly, I can see this blowing up into something big like LOL or Smite manly because of how competitive this looks. Something like rocket league maybe.

On another note, anyone remember or watched that mech anime racing on Toonammi? I would love to see that as a FUCKING GAMEMODE. Im a little hyped for this game. . .

Brian Anderson says:

hahahaha look at the usual Sony dumbshit fanboys on GAF defending this boring garbage. lololololol

glitchinbrain says:

great video! bad game..

WotansCry says:

why does nobody ask the obvios question: Is the ingame Feel also that kind of laggy if you turn your head around? On that Screen we see you move your head and and “some Time” after the picture moves. That is looking real bad in my eyes. Plz tell me that just comes from that setup box producing that lag by sendig it to the Screen. Tell me plz that your VR Vision is absolutly responsive and accurat!

Ztecer says:


1178978 says:

you said 3 kills to go into overcharge and score goal and sed in your second game you got 7 goals and 9 kills but 9 kills = 3 goals if you don’t get killed before you score

Sr. doritos says:


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