RIGS Mechanized Combat League Gameplay Part 1 – Offline Career Mode

Here’s some gameplay of Playstation VR title RIGS Mechanized Combat League – starting off with offline career mode.
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PC Specs:
CPU: Intel i7 6700K
CPU Overclocking: 4.6Ghz – Stable OC on all CPU cores
Water Loop Coolant: Mayhem Aurora Red
Additional Static Pressure Fan: Corsair SP120 LED Red High Static Pressure 120mm Fan
Static Pressure Fans: Corsair SP120 LED Red High Static Pressure 120mm Fan – Twin Pack
RAM: 16GB Corsair 3200mhz Vengeance LPX DDR4 (2x8GB)
Graphics card: GeForce® GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB
Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Hard Drive: ADATA 240GB Premier SP550 SSD
Secondary Hard Drive: 2TB S-ATAIII 6.0Gb/s
Case Vinyl: CUSTOM
Case: Corsair Carbide 600C Windowed
Case Fans: Corsair AF120 LED Red Quiet Edition High Airflow 120mm Fan – Twin Pack
Additional Case Fan: Corsair AF120 LED Red Quiet Edition High Airflow 120mm Fan
Braided Cables: PSU Braided Extension Cable set Red
PSU: 650W Corsair RMX Fully Modular
Sound Card: On-board 7.1 Audio


Nipzie says:

Why do you lie? I have it and it’s not crystal clear. It’s pixelated and jagged in the curves in the best titles with hard to read text.

Jeffrey DeHaven II says:

This video is solely responsible for my decision to get PlayStation VR. This game looks sick.

dr34dh34d says:

Can’t wait to play this.

xpacerx says:

I like to think that Vektans would watch RIGS Mechanized Combat League as their most popular sport in the Killzone universe.

SnailyS says:

Arekkz! Nice vid! What do you think about using VRs as a screen playing f.eks the new BF1? Would it be better than using a TV?? Please answer. Got to know before I buy! Thanks!

freddie1776 says:

Can you play this without the vr headset?

Leighton Eng says:

Is there any language option in the game? Mine is stuck in mandarin and I have no idea how to change it. I really wanna enjoy this game properly haha

Liam Young says:

Hey Arekkz! Really enjoyed the gameplay, keep it coming! This game looks sweet, cant wait for more

CodiakLBJfan says:

not impressed

Godxvx says:

Nerf this.

TheDeathKillerx says:

wtf is this shit mate???

anonymous a says:

This is the cheap version of TitanFall

JaseEvoX says:

This looks awesome, can’t wait to get it tomorrow

samuel nwabueze says:

I like it

lllwarchildlll says:

Love my VR, and I love mechs. This game however… No.

Zombie George says:

I don’t care for head steering, I want a head set so i can look around the cockpit or to the left and right to see the other players.

Megdeg Megdeg says:

Nice video

ImperatorZed says:

Oh god that spoonfeeding tutorial…

Tactics-MNK says:

This will give u neck issues guaranteed, but its still sick

Fat Acrobat says:

Turn off that lens crap!

samuel nwabueze says:

Let’s get more of this on this channel too

Jamie D says:

+Arekkz Gaming Can we expect to see a part 2?? I’m really enjoying the playthrough 🙂 Also do you think that this game as the capability to make a splash in the eSports scene??

ZIPPING4m3r says:

team takedown is basically team deathmatch by the way

Archie Garcia says:

I never knew what you looked like until now…

Michael Meleady says:

so tv set on your eyes and your head is now the analog stick…. pass

Yasuo Legends says:


Shawn Adongo says:

Looks really dope

msangui1 says:


Josh H. says:

Anyone want to join my fireteam in destiny for ps4.

YounGamingTv says:

looks good might get it

neonridr says:

You would think a game like this would beg for PS Move controls instead. I mean you could aim each arm independent of each other and fire. Rather than utilizing a look aim instead.

Oh well, still looks fun. Will definitely check this out when I get my headset tomorrow.

Brother Dave says:

Damn this doesn’t look too bad!!!!

Jaden Hoang-Tieu says:

do you see the black border when you’re playing the game?

Luke earle says:

Did u have the destiny logo on your starting thing

525385 says:

Thanks for the video

Brandon says:

Where the the Monster Hunter Stories gameplay?

Zavier Hobbs says:

Do you need the VR headset

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