Red Dead Redemption 2: Savage Outlaw Gameplay – High Action Combat Moments – Vol.2

Welcome back to some more Red Dead Redemption 2, today I have some more free roam gameplay. I’m absolutely loving this game and I think it might be the best Rockstar game to date. Let me know if you’re enjoying the gameplay videos, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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Daniel Baro says:

Its a masterpiece!

oroshi karasu says:

*pulls pistol*
*piano stops*

Naiko says:


Dianna Heath says:

No Mercy

Zolyx says:

Bro what’s the name of the quick fire rate weapon is it a revolver?

Danial Zakaria says:

owww shit…too realistic..I dont think my mom allow me to play this..

RocKai74 says:

This is R+18 right here folks

Hadouken Replays says:

Should I buy this or god of war?

Jonathan Swaggasaurus says:

Holy shit did anyone else notice when he unholstered his gun in the saloon the music stopped? I love attention to detail.

Zombie Joke says:

This is doka 2???

DeVonte Gills says:

This nigga was wildin lmao

Brandon Olson says:

is this xbox one x?

richard barrett says:

Dislike. No running people over with train

stayingfreshagain says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one playing this way… nobody got time to play as a good ol’ outlaw lol..

Victor Hardin says:

They should let you behead people . Now thT would be brutal

peanut butter says:

0:54 weren’t they in the prologue of the first red dead redemption?

dreamisolympia88 says:

Soon enough there gonna send buckshot Kenny to get your ass.

Minh Nguyen says:


Dr. Flyromanpanda says:

Chill !!!

AmbushKush420 says:

Omg ur horse actually takes a dump on the grounds thats realistic

Danny Bellic says:

Jesus Christ

Sage Shaw says:

The mask is so pointless lol. I was hoping it would actually make arthur anonymous when he takes it off.

Harshit Singh says:

So most useful weapon in RDR2 is Shotgun

Stub Gamer says:

After watching this, I am thinking of saving two versions of the story, one very I am a very good person, and one where I’m something that this guy is in the video 😀

Jay Jay says:


Spyro The PC Slayer says:

You are insane dude. I wouldn’t want to cut you off while driving. My days might be numbered.

Zoicq says:

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game, I used to play Red dead Redemption undead nightmare and I was a god on multiplayer lol I had every weapon gold except the bowie knife but I was a legend with the bolt action rifle.

Lord Fett says:

Holy shit! Now I’m going to go around blasting some dome pieces.

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