Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW GAMEPLAY INFO! Stealth, Combat, RPG Elements & Customization!

★ We breakdown HUGE Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay details, including customization, open world, and new gameplay features! ★
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Martijn Philipse says:

Can I also win the game even I come from the Netherlands?

Va Xiong says:

I hope this is a joke, this game sounds like a piece of shit. Sitting in jail for 24 hours gameplay, taking a bath/cleaning your asshole, need to go to sleep and smoking to get High. It’s a fucking game and work.

Just Mike says:

“Beautiful puddles”, bit of a slight at all that BS with Spiderman and the great puddle controversy. It’s these details you include that make your videos so great LKHD

Ektor says:

I hope they push it back to 2019 spring so they make it better

Hajduk says:

So amped for this

A_P says:

So this means no Mexico then? That would suck if there wasn’t. Loved committing crime in border towns and then escaping into Mexico in the first one.


Make sure to subscribe to our channel. We will try to cover all aspects of the game.
Cannot wait for this game.

thebigcuntfucksjim says:

Alright the bets start now, will Rockstar implement micro transactions where you pay to skip each 24 hour prison sentence or not

Mike g says:

can’t wait for the definitive edition pc release

Stubbo242 says:

I’ve never been so excited for a game before. It’s like my dream game is coming through

GAC says:

RDR2 is what Shemnue was in 1999 just much Bigger!! Just a month away., darn this wait seems to never end.

Crafty Arts & Fails says:

So excited

William Pierce says:

“It’s in a way that we don’t really have a vocabulary for yet…” *rolling my eyes*

Horrocoreranger says:

This game is going to change gaming

Ghosttraining101 says:

Not to get ahead of myself, but I am kind of hoping that they will do a “back to the future 3” nod, and perhaps a gta v or dare I say, gta 6 crossover with it. Just think that would be fun as hell.

Meme_Lord 27 says:

Best game of the year

aurelio rodriguez says:

Gonna Kill some US Marshalls by lassoing them and dragging then thru the mud!!

joealese says:

trailer 2 dropping the afternoon of the 26th. aside from that; the attention to detail is insane to me. guns degrading over time is amazing. it makes everything much more difficult but in a fun challenge kind of way. we really are gong to have to pay this game as if it’s real life. the only thing I do hope is that health is regenerative. that’s the one unrealistic thing I do enjoy more. and in fairness, in the games that don’t have regenerative health, they have something like med kits where you wrap an ace bandage on your wrist and suddenly you’re perfectly healthy again

Bud Smikah says:

But can you smoke while shooting

Pan x says:

in October 26 will be historical moment for all gamers

Probgondie says:

I don’t feel like I’m mentally ready to play this.

Gonzo69batz says:

Good legit video, subscribed for the ride. ..I remember the the first red dead, amazing how far we’ve come.

Russian Bot says:

I like survival and role playing. The opposite is basically a power fantasy which I had my fill of as a teen playing GTA3- San Andreas. I want the challenge of surviving an inhospitable land and earn the title Outlaw Badass.

Biga173rd says:

I can’t fucking wait. Fuck Fornite

Skitarii Soldier says:

Where’s the horse pussy?

Francesco Pedrina McCarthy says:

Can’t wait for this game

Nathan Korkut says:

Microtransactions will be in single player????

Erika Lozano says:

Why are we even discussing this? Rockstar has dominated the month any of their games are released, so much so that everyone else wouldn’t dare compete. Not saying it’s a good or bad thing, it’s just what it is.

PhantomDeath007 says:

If it’s done why Don’t they just release it yet. This stupid (the longer they wait the more people will buy shit) just release it already

Fred Legend says:

I’ve been trying not to overhype this like I did GTA5 but god it’s so hard. It sounds absolutely amazing.

Noah Smolka says:

Rockstar will make skynet

Rico Baca says:

He sucked him off to save his life.

Carmel Power says:


Scott Wiltse says:

Hey Legacy killa I want to buy this game I have Xbox one but I’m wondering if I should upgrade to a Xbox one X ? Any help with this decision?

_Tim_ __ says:

I actually had the exact question about “Do the working girls make you bathe first?”…..Count me in, this looks fun.

Russian Bot says:

I remeber my first time playing RDR i hopped on a horse and just learning how to ride i went full sprint across a field not realizing i was heading for a ravine. Well the horse realised and stopped hard on his own sending Marston over the reigns and tumbling down the incline of the ravine. After which he got back up grunting and groaning and dusting himself off. I nearly shit myself laughing and soon after fell in love with what was to become one of my favorite games of all time. If RDR2 can do better then those types of non scripted moments then im am extremely excited.

Rafael Perez says:

I’m going to try to be Owen Wilson from shanghai noon.

Tom Origins says:

Hey big fan and I entered the comp to win, but the adding requesting friends thing is broken. I requested a friend and they sat next to me and did the process but the extra 30 entries never loaded for me?

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