Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE! 10 Images, Weapon Customization, Combat Info & More!

★ Rockstar Games has revealed new Red Dead Redemption 2 short combat gameplay videos, images & details! ★
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Nikolay Ch says:

Very-very strange mini-video of revolver reloading. Used round are popping up very slowly

Khaled Alkurdi says:

My first exam is starting at 10/26

my life sucks nutsacks

Ronny Dobbson says:


tat man says:

F the mp,just give me that glorious single player. Sadly I won’t be finished with Creed Odyseey by the time this drops

PickleRick says:

Hey legacy! You should do a video on the different tiers of game you can buy. IVE GOT NO CLUE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM ALL

Darth Bannaios says:

12 more days mofos

Nomad Journeyman says:

Colt single action army, peacemaker, Colt .45, m1873. “Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal”

Special Fart says:

nice fake give away, i didnt see any new gameplay either.

Dreddpool82 says:

Oh look 375 retarded sjw’s disliked this video.

FunnyHell says:

John Marstons horse looks like his war horse from rdr 1 (undead nightmare)

Pedro Veia says:

105GB wow …been doing great work brother…sry not comment much

Xerox Re says:

Who else gonna be an honorable violent force for justice


Ima rob so many trains and banks

Shakeel Jones says:

0:20 – 0:40 : FPS on regular ps4 and xb1

Random Dude says:

It’s 88 gigs

Solaris0071 says:

PC, please!!!

Skyfocker N. says:

not my proudest fap

Comrade Hatuey says:

I wouldve love if the shooting felt like that one of Max Payne 3. It is the best.

Savage Editz says:

Where’s the lasso at tho?

Caelan V. 1995 says:

oh lordy cant wait till October 26 just pre-ordered it last week for my Xbox one X but for the time being going to play monster hunter

Nathan Williams says:

I wont be satisfied until i can take a shit in the game and not have to go in real life

Pedro Veia says:

repeater rifle will be a must for me 🙂

Sam Fisher says:

This may not be related, but at 8:39 you can see what looks to be bullet holes or damage done by bullets on Arthur Morgan’s jacket. Perhaps you clothing will actually show damage done when getting injured and you have to repair it or something. Just a thought

LiI Peep says:

This game is my pimp and I’m it’s hoe

Tim Ducote says:

Who’s more excited for Bully 2??

Wil Hatchel says:

Do you think Rockstar would remake Red Dead Redemption as DLC?

Joey Krainski says:

Will I be missing out parts of the story if I have not played Red Dead Redemption 1?

Miguel Garrido says:

apparently the mission where you rob the bank is only available if you buy the Special Edition of the game, just saying.

Jaxzen 619 says:

Did the the treasure hunt and bounty on gta online can’t wait to get dubble action revolver and stone axe like if u did the treasure hunt to

jamon bo says:

You the best when it come to rdr2 vids the best

ProAssassin 84 says:

Hope he is lying about the Trophies because Online trophies are Aids.

ZedsFrags says:

Your stupid name always kept me from subscribing to you “LegacyKilla sounds like an teenager boy who wants to show his 360 sniper montages in CoD” but you make consistent good content and your voice is enjoyable so i looked past that and subscribed anyway.

Dalton Lee says:

hopefully we will be able to see John’s daughter before her death

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