Red Dead Redemption 2, otherwise known as RDR2 is an Open-World western game designed by ‘Rockstar Games’ on the XBOX ONE and PLAYSTATION 4 or PS4 gameplay consoles. RDR2 gameplay takes place in 1899, 12 years prior to the predecessor, Red Dead Redemption.



Mr. TAMW says:

I will be playing this game with no HUD

Jeff Willhite says:

I’m definitely playing as a good guy for my first playthrough, but I’m definitely looking forward to my second playthrough, where I’ll play as a huge dickhead.

Joseph Seed says:

I want to see how the blood looks when you get shot.

More Bacon says:

So this video is basically the Youtube version of a reddit repost.

Sir Fortesque76 says:

I hope items are accurately priced for the timeline back then, and we earn money in accordance to that.
I don’t want things to be too easily affordable, but I also don’t want the game to feel too grindy, especially on multiplayer, due to the introduction of Coyote Cards or something like that lol.

WheresMyBuns says:

I want a Double barrel one day….

WheresMyBuns says:

Lot more guns then I realized…

Igor Doval says:

Rockstar is creating a whole world, full of details, believable! It makes me wonder if our reality is a simulation. Is it? Damm..

Billy Blaze says:

you should at least be able to force kids into slavery if you can’t kill them….lol

WheresMyBuns says:

Reminds me of uncharted 4 crate destruction…

DCS tv says:

I mean im not gonna kill kids but there is also like explosives to throw at them right so maybe there is a loophole

James Powlett says:

Just kill the child’s parents instead

Shadow Government says:

At least oppressors aren’t in here gg

Philll says:

You watch Red Dead radio? Nice.

Who Can? Kapkan says:

ye boys

iceBerg Slim says:

Was really hoping to hog tie little tommy boy and strap him to some tracks.

Nathan Sinclair says:

I can’t wait to grow some western weed.

WheresMyBuns says:

Throw tnt next to the kid…

TheCobra says:

2:42 Why would they have a lawsuit on their hands if you could kill children in RDR2? Theres no specific laws stating you cant have kill-able children in video games are there?

Le Kraken says:

For anyone who cares, there is actually a law that prohibits Developers from having Child NPCs being murdered in games

Cameron Harris says:

31 sleeps

Elpidio Espinoza says:

Why don’t they hurry up and release a gameplay? This comes out in less than sixty days! By this week! This is like the fifth gameplay demo info I’ve seen.

unpossible11 says:

I swear if microtransactions fucks this game up like GTA V I’m going to be so mad.

RockStar 21 says:

Stop fucking milking it…..

Spartan81 says:

Game of the year

Sir Fortesque76 says:

I really regret only taking one day off work to play this game, should’ve taken at least three.
Looks like I might be using some of that sick pay..

jonah durant says:

There is so much detail here it is almost unbelievable. So much damn hype. Thank you for the info redbandit.

Legologan 08 says:

2 questions can you shoot your guns at trees or stumps for target practice without everyone freaking out like in far cry or GTA and can you chew tobacco

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb says:

Moders are going to have flying horses and lambos running through the game in no time.

Crowangel Gaming says:

Lets just hope that same level of detail makes it over to online too for character customization

Elias Håkansson says:

You could make it so the gun jams or the bullet narrowly misses if children are shot at without necessarily ruining the immersion.

Elpidio Espinoza says:

I want to see actual mid game… gameplay! Not intro.

Cory MacDonald says:

Great video RedBandit you are the reason I’m stIll sane right now with the wait for the game to drop. Might I add that yes I don’t think Rockstar would be making a smart move for being able to kill children & blow their limbs off. Anybody who is disappointed by the fact you can’t kill “virtual children” in this game need to have their skulls checked. The game should be a fun experience & I’m sure we all enjoy it without having to blow a child’s head off

NotSo FatCat says:

says to friends yeah ima be so edgy evil .. >:D

how i actually play .. oh pore child here let me council you make you tea and give you 5000 gold :3

Daynite 05 says:

Well here’s another sub!

Rogue Entertainment says:

Clickbate me again and youre getting blocked. Youre turning into the new MrBossftw but for Rdr2. Stop before its to late.

Insank Monk says:

It’s just a game not reality

Suuulan says:

I thought Doug Cockle did an incredible job voicing Geralt through all those dialouge options in TW3 but whoever did Arthur Morgan must be absolutely exhausted to this day if all this info is correct.

WheresMyBuns says:

I have watched every preview I can… Including this one

AlienAbles says:

If i pay $60+ for a game I better be able to kill the little fuckers

Endya Life says:

I got school off on the 26th; God wants me to buy this game and who am I to say no?

Jason Sanchez says:

Since the game is so detail .. I wonder if you was to hide a body and get blood on you and since your not able to wash it of well .. Can you be able to hunt and carry a deer into town to make ppl think the blood is from hunting and not a murder

Fancy Ninja says:

I’m perfectly fine with not being able to kill children. Old people on the other hand…

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb says:

I already see Moders inserting Trevor into this game.

Sgt.Derp, bolshevik pepe says:

by biggest hope for this game is the gunplay, im a huge gun enthusiast and my absolute favorite time period for firearms is the turn of the century, around 1840 to 1930 bc we had a era of CRAZY development during that time.

now i can ignore a few details for the sake of gameplay (like how John Marston could load his colt saa without ejecting spent casings.) but games like COD WW2 that ignore how any weapons of the time worked from the time period makes me physically unable to play.

but im not too worried, rockstar seems to have gone all out with this title as far as immersion and accuracy and the two animations they have showcased (for the colt 1889 and browning and browing auto five respectively) seem to be accurate.

Francois Dubord says:

Knife pistol nice. 10,45$ for a shotgun haha.

Adrian Alonso says:

THE HYPE IS SOOOO REAL, bro I cant even….

Jahseh X says:

To be honest there shouldn’t be kids in the game cuz you know how in gta5 how When u got a prostitute you could change the model so if there are sex animations it would be possible to change the model to a little kid idk tho

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