Red Dead Redemption 2: High Action Combat Gameplay – Saint Denis Rampage – Vol.4

Welcome back to some more Red Dead Redemption 2. I recently got to the first big city & instantly wanted to rampage around for fun. This game is super addictive and a blast to play. I can’t wait to make some more videos, let know if you’re enjoying them. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support.
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Walking Mannequinn says:

(Slowly chanting) . “Swifty….Swifty….Swifty !!!! More headshots and exploding arms lol nice vid

That Nigga says:


korn turds says:

Does the bandana in this actually help with honor? Because i dont think it does. I think it only helps just a little bit

Xxsipher NeroxX says:

Nice vid

Mr.Krabs 100 says:

Love ya swifty ❤️

Project DCB says:

You should’ve let the injured officer get away he was begging for mercy

Louis levi says:

Can you do dual welding sawed SG

Sam Acuff says:

Ladies, yall better hope ur man doesnt get this game. Its red dead 2 over pussy


Great video swifty……keep it up with the RDR2 VIDS also could u do a cod bo4 video pleaseee

Cuntboy Slicous Fuccboy Sluttious says:


Louis levi says:

How do you unlock these pistols. Cant find the answer. Is it location, or story progession base.

A Starving Rat says:

You can change the redical into a dot

sid viciouss says:

Use some diffrent guns next time.

Lever action shotgun plz.

Sweet Affliction says:

Was thinking what you were gonna do next after you ran out of regular bullets
Out of nowhere you whip out high velocity ones

enigmaburrito says:

I like how he puts his mask on right in front of the guy and the guy doesn’t care

Tiger I Commander says:

This game is very tasty. I like the lack of minorities.

EDIT: i think that is correct word. My English not amazing:-)

Sound Tribe says:

only red dead youtube videos worth watching, no kids claiming they found all the secret loot with 3 hour guides of them failing trying to ride the horse to get there. thanks for not being a sellout

Dust N' Bones says:

very nice!

TGC. Daily says:

Combats too easy for the player.
No body armors needed.
Even when you get shot in the head not much happens.
Its already aim assisted.
The damage you receive should be about the same you dish out.
Plus NPCs have terrible aim being a metre away from you.

Big Migka says:

Walk slowly
Shooting people
Mask on
Dual Wield
Cowboy hat
= COOL lv10000

Name Last Name says:

is there an infinite amount of cops?

Th3EdgeFactor says:

Hey do you use standard controls or FPS button layout?

Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA says:

More vids like this!

PeLote X1 says:

what is the model of your Xbox?(normal , s ,x)great video!

SkullBoB says:


Liam Grey says:

I want RDR2 so bad but don’t want to use my parents money even tho they’ve said they’ll get it for me lol


Look at me

Misfortune Follows says:


stayingfreshagain says:

I bet u didn’t save the game , after u had that thousand dollar bounty lol.. great video man

rahul says:

Whats that place at the beginning called?

nothing hear go away bye says:

nice john wesly hardin cosplay btw

thanos nicolidakis says:

wow having really hard time controlling the aim I this game.could you share your settings ?? really wanna know….

Jon 9489007 says:

Fucking amazing!! Great job swifty!! Also everything about this video is great the outfit, the choice of area, everything!

spike spiegel says:

The way the cop who got shot several times ran away through the gate out of fear just shows the detail in this game i knocked a guy out who i thought was deas only for him to wake up a few seconds later literally put his hat back on and continue trying to kill me.

Sid the Homie says:

As much as I love spider-man, that game’s done for

4K NATION says:

Great action packed video

rahul says:

6:51 the fuck? did the policeman catch the dynamite?

Subscribe to PewDiePie says:

The best rdr2 channel!

GEO._.RGY says:

At 3:18 you were a fucking savage like he was already his die

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