Red Dead Redemption 2 – Drunken Bar Fight Gameplay

With Red Dead Redemption 2, immersion is taken to a whole other level as you find yourself in a tense bout of fisticuffs… just for looking at someone a second too long. Here’s some gameplay of a bar fight with a local drunkard in the town Valentine, captured on the PlayStation 4 Pro.


Paul Stockton says:

I hope this guy respawns and fancies round 2. Best fistfight I’ve ever had on a game.

McDawgster says:

yep i definitely just came in my pants

Misunderstood Genius says:

The fucked up part is that I didnt get the hat because i fuckin forgot and i pissed about it

J money says:

Dude how the hell do you fight? It doesn’t even show you any button on how to throw down smh this is pretty insane. There’s no button layout and when I go to the “help” section there’s no hand to hand combat there, I’ve been waiting for this game for a very long time but this shit is OD. What kind of game doesn’t have a button layout? I’ll wait.

Clément Castelli says:

it’s brok he is drunk he beat you but you wanted after

Ballerfella2007 says:

One word “Damnnn!!”

Grant Iciek says:

I wont be able to play this until 7:00 tonight when I get home from work

Vaegir808 says:

I honestly think this melee foundation will make its way to Bully 2.

Andree Castillo says:

What outfits his he wearing?

The Manga Guy says:

Fuck me the combat is sexy af. DAMN I can’t wait to get my hands on this later.

Emmanuel Cirume says:

did you know that Trevor as a time machine

You Know Those Dudes? says:

Not the smartest move dancing with a frontiersman…

ŴØXF says:

That guy beat tf out of me and now I can’t find him

robo pancake says:

Now if only you could kick each other’s ass, then have a drink afterwards. That be amazing.

Cody Shamus says:

I get a bounty everytime i fight him wtf

CBR Fan says:

who ever was playing was getting they ass beat, but you knock him out tho.


Cute skunk hat

Deqalb 001 says:

Better boxing game than Fight Night

moody5252 says:


Kaden Stuckey says:

That hat tho

Master Roshi says:

That was severely beautiful.

John West says:

Shoulda brought back the fighting from bully this looks awkward

Wild Moon Fox says:

Did You become wanted for defending Yourself? Lol tf?

Squid Elvis says:

Peopel cheer during fight and after, oh its vandalisam call the cops lol…

Leonardo Reyes says:

Knock a man unconscious,stomp his body and the witnesses report you for vandalism

Rize Before Dawn says:

Got his hat for or a reward

Zach Nolan says:

I hate how you get arrested for fighting

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