Red Dead Redemption 2: Combat Gameplay – Physics Animations & Free Roam Moments – Vol.1

Welcome to Red Dead Redemption 2. Today I have some gameplay from my first play session, mostly free roam stuff. I am very pleased with this game so far and I super addicted already. I can’t wait to play more and I can’t wait to bring you more videos. Let me know if you enjoyed, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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Curly Savv says:

I really like when the bullets connect with the person that it puts him off balance at first instead of gta 5s *shoot* *shoot* *drops dead* mechanic good job rockstar

Joel Robinson says:

Make a one million bounty for your head like the anime v:

Pyrotic says:

I regret buying Black Ops 4 now….

Sam says:

No offense but been following you for a while and love your vids but this is the first sly gameplay video I actually thought was pretty fucking slick dude. Like this is pretty impressive compared to what I can do in this game

FulopZ HUN says:


XghostgamerxKILLER X says:

Fan from 14k subscribers

Chromedome 2020 says:

I remember red dead revolver and that game was awsome. One of my favorite.

Leo Sun says:

The way you fan fire it. Or just tap R2 like that to rapid fire. Does it have aim assist as well? Also if you go close to an enemy and press R2, does it execute them with THE gun your holding like the old RDR? Thanks!

Pine Apple says:

my game is really blurry

Jman Gaming says:

The only thing I wish there was more of was the blood and gore and stuff, but other than that RDR2 looks like a great game.

Davis Price says:

What’s the coat Arthur is wearing?

iZombie Maverick says:

Love your video .
Except one thing .
Your aim assist is on but that just me .

XghostgamerxKILLER X says:

Love your vids remember me ?

Taylor Coley says:

Even though it’s just a collection of pixels and code, I still feel bad whenever a horse gets killed.

Renegade 1011001 says:

John marston!!!

666ANG says:

I like the Ragdoll on here but im not noticing the big ass bullet holes i liked in the first game here in RDR2

Mohammed Gendy says:

can you injure someone to the point that he coudn’t move?

Misfortune Follows says:

If i knew a bow and arrow was in the game, I woud have pre-ordered it months ago.

Castro Corona says:

When you hit them in the leg why thy running like a marathon sprinter … this is sad … i thought they will make it more realistic

Dronning10 says:

the blood splatter in red dead 1 was way better and i dont like the x around the aim cursor and that it changes to red when the enemy is dead, also killcam really? get rid of that shaite other then that game of the year

Thoma[S]antiago says:

How difficult is the gunplay in this game? Is it like GTA 5 where you die from 2 fucking pistol shots or is it actually fair this time around?

Ghost Webber says:

The animations and the dialogue are so immersive it feels like you’re taking a life not just mowing down npc’s.

LockJohn007 B says:

How did you dive out of cover? That reminded me of Django lol that’s cool

Bernard Black says:

2.02. Goddamn, that’s a gorgeous shot.

Biggest Boss says:

Can we have some badass background music? That’s the only thing the game is missing.

Kermit says:

Omg this game is a masterpiece

Katashu says:

5:32 i just love how the guys friend watches him die and just goes “god damn” before he gets killed too LMFAO

deez nutz says:

where r the finishing moves with a gun ?

RobenSikk says:


Markie W says:

0:09 Anyone noticing the gun breaking as it hits the wagon?
4:31 Who’s this Harry Potter reject?
5:36 _casually watches as his partner is stabbed to death_

Bullet-Tooth Tony says:

8:07-8:08 How did you weave his punches like that?

Seth Leoric says:

Do people still get stuck to the straps on the horses?

KGO Ad says:

I love your videos.

MarxMan says:

And I ectoplasmd…

Fantastic Vlogs says:

Not to be a pre judge person here man, But why kill the horses when all you want to kill is the person. I love the channel man but why kill the horse,

daso131393 says:

2:02 Man literally too angry to die

Smiley skittleface says:

How do i find a town? Cuz i am still stuck in the forest/river area

Dua Malik says:

I thought this game was boring just because of so much gameplay and no action, i guess i was wrong but swifty is playing as an outlaw for more action

matthew booth says:

I don’t like the controls style in this game

Matt Killeen says:

LOL 9:38

Deeken Wheeler says:

We have never seem a game of this caliber before, it has pushed further than any game has before it, the word feels so rich and alive, I don’t even need to have an objective, just existing and exploring it is crazy fun

Shobhit Srivastava says:

9:45 omg lololololololololol

Te Manawaora McLeod says:

Sick how you done the first rd aswell, then this one. I can get a good comparison.

Hykeem Andrews says:

those kills look similar to max Payne

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