Red Dead Redemption 2: Cinematic Combat Gameplay – Epic Rampage Moments – Vol.15

Welcome back to some more Red Dead Redemption 2. I was messing around the other day and wanted to try out this playstyle a little. I disabled all the HUD to make the game look as clean as possible. The game is actually quite fun when it’s played like this, the only thing is you basically need to have auto aim enabled. Other than that I enjoyed messing around with this, it made the game way more intense and immersive than it already is. Let me know if you enjoyed, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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NasenblutenTV says:


Austin Landrum says:

First person would have looked a lot more realistic. good video though

Survivalist says:

omg where is the police factory? its 24/7 and mass production mode on ?? thanks

Jerome Derkinsmoof says:

What are the controls to dive on ps4 I can’t find what it is

Dudeli says:

Which horse is that?

Tįk toK says:


Sound Tribe says:

legit af, also only person i ever see using the c93s, people are dumb and think they’re bad but that ROF… also love the bolt on it

M4X says:

Can you please tell me how you did that push on your other video? You just pushed him down on the ground and i have alot of potential or lets just say ideas for that! But i don’t know how to do it without tackle.

4K NATION says:

Expected something amazing like this video… Nice work

Diego Gionta says:

Try to hang someone

teamhex says:

5:37 – I’ve never seen so many targets before with deadeye. Very cool man.

Yoggy Oggy says:

What an awesome gameplay, can you make more video like this? You’re a pro and i like your video

Dávid Bartha says:

Jó let

tyranado infernorino says:

Repeating shotgun is the best man!!

rahul says:

Looks cool bro!

Chris Hope says:

does the invincibility cheat return in this one?

Justice DeG says:

4:03 when you waited for him to stare into death. The fact they added something as minor as the cop lookin at whats in his face. Love it

barry melias says:

pmsl thats awesome mate

Joshua Chalichemala says:

good vid but you should use the first person too. plz but good vid 🙂

Achyut _C says:

51st and btw awesome vid……..please make some on funny moments and can u please use John’s classic outfit…..even just for one vid

Sum Solution says:

Hi swifty! Pin this please 🙂 this video looks like a movieeee

dolned trump says:

This is a awesome video,please make another one!

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