RDR VS RDR 2: Animations – Physics – Combat & Gameplay Comparison

Welcome to another VS video. Today I am doing Red Dead Redemption vs Red Dead Redemption 2, comparing the ragdoll and physic animations from the two games. Rockstar is the lead studio when it comes to the best games and the best ragdolls in games. In my opinion, both of these games are equal when it comes to the animations implemented in the gameplay. Let me know what you think, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀


jack smith says:

RDR1 aged well

- EBK says:

why was this mainly just shooting people lmao

cykablyat says:

i don’t like dismemeberment, not a bit. seems very uncharacteristic for a rockstar game. it would be cool if it was super polished and detailed but it looks like a gore mod.

Ben Parker says:

I’m confused. I don’t remember red dead redemption 1 looking that good at all. It was old

jp allfire says:

The blood in rdr1 was so much more satisfying. It shows all bullet holes clearly, especially when John himself gets shot. Why doesn’t Arthur have a scratch when getting shot?

ferndigg dug says:

Yo man just wanted to say great work on the videos man your always pumping out the dope kills! But I was gonna ask for a red dead redemption 2 rampage but with melee only

fugA / says:

Armadillo.. Best place to kill all peaoples and throw tomahawks

Hans Rickam says:

I love that you need high velocity bullets to go trough the body and paint the walls red with blood. .normal bullets stuck in the body..such attention to detail

IamFrancis says:

I thought Gta v was stunning, red dead redemption 2 proved me wrong

McGamer1 X says:

Blood splatter on walls in rdr 2 is kinda disappointing tbh

rodrigo says:

I never noticed how good rd1 looks for the time it was released

OfficerRavioli says:

In RDR2, what aiming settings do you use?

xtremevita - says:

That Horse would have broke it’s leg’s and had to have been shot.

Raisedbywolveswithbeards says:

RDR had way better reactions to gun shots in the limbs, the reason they are limited in that regard now is because modern consoles have weak CPUs and struggle with physics and AI.

Consoles need better CPUs but that won’t happen because they are fixated on graphics and not gameplay.

Kullen64 says:

I hate the new decapitation system. It’s just that same lazy head disappears and leaves a bloody stump crap. I prefer the head actually exploding into multiple pieces. Fallout 3 did it better and that game came out a decade ago.

Steven Shilling says:

6:34 the way that dude falls after getting shot in the face made me snicker

Niko says:

My one and only complaint is that in rdr2 when you shoot both legs they still can stand up. Can’t toy with em as much anymore, but still rdr2 is decades better than rdr 1 in everything else.

Jude Lau says:

Considering the age of RDR 1. That game is way ahead of its time.

Nightmare says:

how does the player not lose health even though he has got hit so many times with bullets? Is he invincible like the devil or is he using cheats?

Naughtius Maximus says:

I do wish rdr2 had auto run while you have a weapon equipped. I believe rdr1 had that feature?

Joseph Melia says:

I’m going to get flak for this,but,I hate the way in RDR2 that the human head explodes like an over ripe melon,almost every time it is hit with a round from a shotgun at point blank range..This would not be nearly as common..It reminds me of the lazy gib model for helicopter destruction in GTA V,where the tail falls off the chopper every damn time….Also in RDR 2 ,the gibbing on the lower limbs.with a shotgun blast..Splintering yes,maybe severing on occasion,but…not this,.Too much….it pulls you out of the game RDR did it better,It was subdued and realistic,,treating the body like the dense object that it is,somewhat resistant to damage from small and medium arms……But these leg and Head exploding gib models are unrealistic,immersion breaking and trying too hard to be sensational,which is a shame.>As clearly,the game is exceptional in most other regards.I hope Rockstar releases a patch to tone this unbalanced aspect down…..Or at least that there will be a PC version of the game,and a realistic Ballistics mod…preferably one you can port to the PS4.I would prefer the violence to feel more like a ballet of simulation rather than sensationalism.

Viktor Jonsson says:

Rdr1 is more of a spaghetti western, more badass

shotty 2 tones says:

4:32 goddamn blew her shit off off … finally we get to see some real gore

Rajdeep kaur says:

0:17 something spawns on the right side Watch it!

Daniel cardozo says:

in the fist one the blood stay in the wall

heyboobsniceGirl says:

dont like how they wake up tho.. after u hit both of 2 knees

Pedrachi PB says:

“The first parts always better”
Not this time

Cheesy Frog says:

Can you toggle off the crosshair turning red in rdr2, when you kill someone? I actually prefer rdr1 when it comes to that, cus it doesn’t turn red


Just wish blood could splatter on walls more… Other than that this game is amazing.

Visigoth Runs Far says:

I once shot someone in the head with a sniper in red dead 1 and they some how survived.

Spiff Malone says:

I was hoping there would be blood splatters on the walls and shit

Rise Of The Demon Hunters says:

RD1 shows a lil more effort in combat tbh, also there’s more badassery showing in RD1 as well

Francis Marley says:

The only thing i miss from RDR 1 was when people would stay on their knees when shot in both legs

Prodigital Son says:

I shot a guy in the back with a shotgun and he dropped and crawled away. He was alive and bleeding out of the wound in his back for atleast a minute. I watched the blood literally pour from his back onto the ground. It was uncomfortable to watch because he was seriously dying. I love this game.

Cheese McNugget says:

The blowing off limbs in rdr2 feels unnatural. The head just disappears and doesn’t come off in a realistic way. There are no remains

OnTitanMode says:

I like RDR more than RDR2

joel 56 says:

Me in RDR

*puts on bandana*
Prepare to get shot in the balls!

K8nk says:

Combat and controls are the most dated aspects of RDR2. Great game but damn rockstar needs to figure out how to design controls

the Witch-King says:

Rdr= is more elastic
Rdr2 = more is realistic

Wandur Cangur says:

1:10 better than rdr 2

Random User says:

Searching videos online of people being shot you can tell RDR 2 nails to blood realism better than probably any other game. Always felt like RDR 1 overdid it but they truly nailed it this time.

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