RDR 2 VS GTA 5 – Combat Animations – Ragdoll Physics & Gameplay Comparison

Welcome back to another VS video. Today I am doing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5. I wasn’t going to do these two games but I got a few requests after I made RDR VS RDR 2. So here it is, let me know what else you’d like to see. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀


420blvze1T says:

Im really waiting for this video but i dont see anything on youtube but u… U saved me Swifty 😀
Thx for that video

the benja HD says:

The only thing i hate is change of behaviur in rdr 2 you shoot in the foot and run like nothing happend

But the neck shoots and stomach shoots are amazing

halihma Khalid says:

GTA 6 will be way better cause I saw the trailer of it and it looks so real it might come out in 2019

Lasciel says:

If rdr2s combat physics and “gore” looked like gta v I wouldn’t even have bought the game. It was my biggest concern. So glad they made it nice

Hen Dawg says:

Rdr 2 takes the cake

Rohan Kumar says:

Why are you comparing GTA v with rdr2
Compare rdr2 v/s GTA 6

You have gay says:

Im still waiting for the god mode cheat for rdr2

Roy Alexander Duval de la Rosa says:

Obviously Win rdr2

Pabeyz says:

Gta 5 Left The Chat……

mohamed masfi says:

Rdr 2 over Violent

Andrew Howden says:

your content is always the best

ITS A DIO says:

RDR2 Is back at it again! Good bye shitty gta v psychics!

Yahir Timoteo says:

I’m waiting for xP

XghostgamerxKILLER X says:

Their gait are the same in fighting

R3dsnow75 says:

Endgame Spoilers though.. even if i knew

French Dinosaur says:

In RDR 2 i felt bad killing policemen as some of the kills were so brutal and realistic

Saka Dik says:

U just spoiled my game by playin as john thanks

GoD Jk says:


Zyllon says:

Max Payne was a legend of a game it’s my favorite franchise so it does hurt me to say that red dead came super close to dethroneing it as my fav franchise

deadpooled 1018 says:

So, it is possible to blow peoples arms off in RDR2, but only with explosive ammo. Very interesting… >:)

Mr.Krabs 100 says:

Y’all won’t see this because it’s before the premiere

Zyllon says:

Rdr2 combat is a but more realistic as I mean you don’t just press square twice then punch three times to win a fight honestly I like rdr2 more but I still give gtav props for being so good for it’s time

Andijvie says:

RDR2 is quite good , still not good enough if you compare it to Max Payne 3

Afrobia says:

Fortnite is better. Hehehehehh

Peyton Tucker-Gray says:

do you have any idea what day the online beta is gonna drop this month?

Sum Solution says:

Yeah but it’s lame to go “back in time”, therefore, GTA5 is king

WhityBoy says:

1:24 a bullet in the leg and he run like Usain Bolt

AtheistGunGamer22077 says:

RDR 2!

Jesus Hesus says:

Can you tell us what controller settings are you using for RDR2

Zee A. says:

GTA 5 physics are trash

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