Raw Data – VR Action Combat Gameplay

Battle through the phases in combat footage from Raw Data VR early access.

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TheDragonbreath2 says:

I’d rather them have the room scale vr. take advantage or the htc vive

Matthew Harris says:

I’ll need to upgrade my processor to run this!

Exvalos says:

the development teams need to start giving us the option to freely walk instead of catering to the weak ppl who get vr sickness

Zanithos says:

So when are they finally gonna wise up and make a procedurally generated time-crisis style rail shooter for VR?
Not having to move would mean and extra hand to hold a second gun, lob grenades, etc, and you could easily just duck down irl to take cover. As it works right now, full movement just makes things too complicated.
Honestly, it’s like the people behind making these games don’t realize that there are technical limitations with this sort of thing. :/

John Malkovich says:

Most of the people who disliked this never tried VR in their life…
fucking bandwagon haters.

Laughing Octopus says:

Looks like hot garbage.

Tekka87 says:

This game is amazing, my favourite Vive game.

Davi Camara says:

First VR game that dosent look simplist or a way to show VR mechanics. THe graphics got better, the gamplay looks intresting. But Still looks like a stage based minigame. They are in the right way though. Maybe in a year or a year and a hafl we can have DOOM quality games in VR.

//OverWatch\ says:

Spend £700 for a vr headset to play budget tech demos

Chino Quemao :v says:

is it me, or did someone think that this looked like warframe

The Eye says:


LionKing says:

does not look fun );

Christian Raddclife says:

for people who think this looks cool and stupid, they didn’t even show half of the shit you can do in this it is not just pew pew simulator

Artemis says:

O lay of you band-wagon haters, this game is amazing and you know it.

Gopher says:

The problem with videos like this is that VR looks crap when viewed 2D. People who own a VR headset can probably imagine how cool this game will be to play, but it is exactly that: imagination. This helps sell the game to VR users, but it does nothing to convince non VR users to try VR out.

kill-chan says:

uh, ok then. _goes back to Wii Sports_

GMHannibal says:

These VR games are getting better and better.

Fazelcp says:

I hate so much this kind of moving sistem. Using a normal analog stick would generate so much motion-sickness? (it’s an actual question… I’m not criticizing anything)

RAY ROD says:

I play this game every night. Its the best game I’ve ever played in VR. This is the game to beat so far.

isimi taiwo says:

looks interesting but not enough for me to buy VR.

JTsavage says:

I genuinely thougt it was a new fucking warframe. not sure if disappointed, or excited.

The Witness says:

is this free?

Perkustin says:

I am no gun expert but that weapon must have zero recoil if you can fire it with totally limp wrists. Surely they can mess with it a bit to have the forearm and wrist straight. Indeed, try doing it now, it is not a natural position and one that is difficult to hold, i don’t think it can be blamed on the 1:1 movement, i can almost guarantee the player is not holding the motion controllers like that, it’s just bad animation/rigging.

Vape Naysh says:

This is some boring shit

Daniel Lopez says:

Just give me skyrim on Vive and I’ll die happy

Bunny Moto says:

Why did the thumbnail look a little like warframe?

Alpha Slick says:


Blank Omega64 says:

Looks promising. Though I feel like a crouch feature would be helpful to get behind cover when bullets are flying

Jacopo Bosi says:

Sti giochi del vr so popo na merda

ShadowBandit39 says:

Its always a plague of idiots, that have never tried VR. After trying the Vive, it was probably the most exhilarating gaming experience I’ve had in a long time. Raw Data isn’t the perfect VR game but its definitely a blast, the immersion can’t be shown on a 2d video but idiots don’t get that.

Mahir Absar says:


Tristan2611 says:

Anyone else here watch Node

Bjosh says:

man….. this vr shut look like a damn gimmick no way in hell I’m spending any money on this

Neurotyczny Kot says:

this LOOKS boring…
900€ to play it…

SeanDaPaulSeh says:

I have this game at work

hammer fall says:

you cant walk freely?

LumenLumen says:

Is that MrCreepyPasta? I swear…

BrahManDude says:

VR is just not there yet

Merlin's Time warp says:

Not feeling this one. Vr growing pains

Game_ Boy says:


Free Light says:

This looks boring and yes I own an oculus so you can’t pull that crap.

Bailey G says:

looks fun!

Corey Ramirez says:

warframe is russian trash

Christian Anderson says:

Anyone make it through the whole video?

hard mode says:

How to make games great? At 2:21 it would let you actualy point the gun under its chin and few seconds later pull the trigger, even better? leting you grab its neck before that…

Mickxal says:

We need a lightsaber vr game so bad.

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