Quantum Break Combat Gameplay – Time to Die

Watch us take out heavily armed Monarch troops using only the power of time (and a jacket full of guns) in this Quantum Break footage from a recent preview session.

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luis arturo garcia blas says:

I dont like it

Eethan O'Connell says:

This is a let down… everything about what I just saw seems really mediocre for a PS4 game this late in the systems lifespan. This looks like it’s not even as good as Watch Dogs, and Watch Dogs wasn’t setting the bar very high as a comparison….

Bane says:

POOR PissStation 4 fanboys are angry because they’re stuck with a T Rated Walking Simulator and true Xbox and PC gamers get to experience this masterpiece, if it was a PS4 exclusive they’d have a field day off their NeoGafs and jizzing all over their Vitas to praise on how great the game is LMAO. #Greatness Awaits………………………since 2013

Kyle Pierce says:

This is infamous & uncharted/last of us mechanics mixed into one.

The Wiid says:

This looks horrible, I sure hope they didn’t pimp the PC version

Chronuz says:

the game looks… too easy. you get godlike powers and all your enemies are just stupid human ai with guns.

Puddin says:

I would have loved to buy this…if it wasn’t on that cancerous excuse of a digital distribution store called the Windows Store smh.

Jacob Shabazz says:

The more I see the less I like this game. Looks boring and easy as hell.

john m says:

meh. and those reload animations what is this 2000

JvNLGaming says:

Sooo much ps fanboys hahah wow. It’s an Xbox exclusive anyway, why would you even care. Looks like a decent game to me, actually (saying this as a ps owner).

Umut Balcı says:

7/10 Too Much Time

nonameguy96 says:

theres absolutely nothing special about this. just another 3rd person shooter. graphics look terrible to wtf looks like another downgrade

Shanatip Wattanamongkol says:

am not gonna buy this game
i was intesting this game when i watch gameplay trailer year ago but now it look so dumb shooting game
another shit game with infinity bullet and wolverine power to restore health

sry am chinese english is to hard for me :XD

Bill Cosby says:


ArchyBalls says:

Graphics been downgraded?!! Look crap??? I’m getting sick of this



JN RW says:

Whoever played the game in this video is FUCKING AWFUL at games…….why choose someone so shit at third person games to show it off. He’s running around like an idiot getting shot from all sides. Shit demo.

Matt Thompson says:

Always hated the bullet sponge bullshit, it’s what ruined The Last Of Us. I want to see a playthrough of this game where the player’s main goal is to not get hit by a single bullet

Monarchsub X says:

pistol has infinite ammo i see!

Liam Riley says:

Meh. Really not feeling this.

I would have taken another Max Payne over this. I mean, some parts of the game look good; weapons, slo-mo etc… but the character is boring, the animations are nowhere near as good as Uncharted’s, the dialogue is pathetically juvenile, and the story just doesn’t seem that interesting based on what they’ve shown so far.

I appreciate that they are trying another new IP but I can’t see this being huge.

Cameron Pack says:

what’s with all of the hate

motahar856 says:

This game is a complete shit!!!

Alex says:

Was seriously considering getting this game but I was wondering before I get it, is the game really easy or is this guy just playing on easy

William Fenton says:

Damn shitty bitrate Youtube videos, it’s impossible to see any detail.

airpilot says:

These are guys who made The good Max Payne games and Alan Wake. Have more faith in them.
This game is going to fucking own

UMPiCK1 says:

all of those abilities seemed useless. Sure, they look cool, but wouldn’t a shot to the head or a close range shotgun blast be more effective?

Brian Lingard says:

Uncharted x Braid. Sold!

Rich Homie Wolf says:

Sorry but UC4 looks sooooooo much better than this.

Hornet Hornet says:

super powers suck…..backed up by just ok graphics & weird character movements. what there to brag about?

Django Scar says:

Infamous plus The Division

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