PSVR Rigs: Mechanized Combat League Gameplay | Virtual Reality Mech Gameplay | TGN Squadron

PSVR Rigs: Mechanized Combat League Gameplay | Virtual Reality Mech Gameplay | TGN Squadron | Playstation VR Gameplay

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hameed mohamadi says:


Fuzzy Duo says:

The first thing I did on the plane was stick my head out of the window, that was an interesting experience to say the least.

Lattlay3D says:

Can’t wait to pick this up, can I add u

Altruysm says:

I miss Hengest in HOTS videos. 🙁

Ali Baokbah says:

Gosh the joy when I see Hengest play!! You should make more video bro 🙂

Fuzzy Duo says:

I love my PSVR but they fucked up with the motion controllers, they NEEDED to redesign them to include analogue sticks but they didn’t, that choice will severely limit options for developers.

Phillip Oldman says:

just incase anyone is wondering,
you may already know

the nukes are really powerful in takedown.

thieves are good in end zone

and knockout are good in power slam

the other classes are dependent on your play style. that’s what I figured.

a knockout mirage on power slam can be so effective.
double jump easily upto goal and punch the opposition to remove their overdrive. feels great when it pays off.

thief hunter in end zone is much smaller and can take the smaller routes round the map whilst invisible from radar.

and the nukes blast radius is a good way of trading so your not at a whole loss (sometimes) when you die as you can take the enemy with you.

hope this helps a few people who are getting started. 🙂

Hutchy says:

There was a Porn VR event in japan that had to close down before it started because too many people showed up.

BigBadViking says:

I miss u guys in hots <3 🙁

Trestarrtv says:

turn down brightness works for me

My Name Is Tysent says:

infinite warfare

Selena Flannery says:

Silly Adam 😛

Todd Dunworth says:

I found drive club to be fine

urobo 7 says:

remove the vr headset say: “I know kung fu” xD

lazyjanner says:

Hengest & Ruri, get 2 move controllers and play until dawn, and also the heist on the VR world game.. that’s where the VR really shines! 🙂

Hutchy says:

I wonder how bad lag spikes are when playing VR games.

UXSpecialist says:

where’s all the VR haters???? not as vocal as they used to be 🙂

StretchyPlays says:

Still thinking about picking it up, sucks that you have to buy the move controllers and camera separately, like an extra $150.

Anedime Gaming says:

You have to add the AI player by looking at that third post and pushing triangle during matchmaking if you want to be 3-man from the start. The game doesn’t just add AI pilots, you have different ones you can hire, matchmaking for empty spots to games in progress is wonky.

Joey Alba says:

more hengest less rui….sorry. but yeah :/

LucasRMend says:

this iS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

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